Friday, October 28, 2011

No SEC Guy? No Problem.

I know that SEC Guy has some loyal followers here at Productive Sweatpants. And it should come as no surprise to any of you that with Alabama and LSU on a bye week this week, SEC Guy was a little lost. I mean not having any idea who to pick for one of his "sure-fire" picks he was in the fetal weeping and a little scared. So, I gave him the week off.

That said, I'll do my best to say something super cocky and arrogant all the while picking you a winner you can write home about. Let's give it a shot:. Okay bitches, let's get on to my fucking sweet and awesome GOTW feature. Did I mention that I'm the best looking writer on this site? No seriously, it's true. 

How'd I do? SEC Guy enough for you? No? Okay I'll work on it. Let's look at the feature game in the SEC.

(22) Georgia (5-2, 4-1) vs Florida (4-3, 2-3) 3:30 ET CBS

Come on you knew it was going to be the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, right? How could it not be? Unfortunately for the WLOCP, there isn't much at stake here. Well I guess maybe you could say Georgia has something at stake, with a shot at the East title. With SCAR booting Garcia and then losing Lattimore for the season, the Dawgs have a good shot to meet the winner of Bama/LSU in the SEC championship game. Of course SCAR has to lose twice before that happens. But the bigger question is: can Georgia finish out the season undefeated? With Florida this week, Auburn in couple weeks and a close out against Georgia Tech, I'm not sure.

Georgia's two losses were the first two games of the season and both to ranked teams. And their five wins have come against mediocre teams. Probably the best being Mississippi State. The Dawgs aren't doing anything spectacularly on Offense. But they are playing good defense. Since their two losses, they've only given up more than 300 yards once. 

That said, this isn't a top notch Gators squad. Florida is scoring 26.9 ppg, which is their lowest total in the last five years. Things in Gainsville are less than rosy for Coach Boom. But they are playing pretty good defense. And, their last three losses were to the three best teams in the SEC. And, it is the Cocktail Party so things should be interesting. 

This game is going to let us know where Georgia sits in the SEC. Are they deserving of the East title? Or are they just another middle of the pack SEC team? 

Georgia is currently a 2.5 point favorite. Since the game is on a neutral site there is no advantage for home field. So Vegas thinks they Dawgs are better. And, I think I agree. What I do like better is the under 47.5. That could be the bet to make. But, since I'm me and this will give SEC Guy something to crow about next week I'll say the score is going to be Georgia 20-17.

Mark it down. Take it to the bank. NV Nole sucks. B1G loves watching little league football. Breezy may be a homosexual. Mr. Sweatpants, although devilishly handsome, is dumb or something. 

How was that? A better SEC Guy? I'll keep working on it.

And since the lazy SEC Guy never does this for you, I will. Here's the rest of the slate:

(10) Arkansas (6-1, 2-1) @ Vanderbilt (4-3, 1-3) 12:21 ET SEC Network/ESPN3
Really 12:21? What ever. This shouldn't be much of a game. But the line has slid Vandys way a couple points since open. At -9.5, I'll take the Hogs. Arkansas 31 - 20. But keep an eye out for that damn hook.

Ole Miss (2-5, 0-4) @ (23) Auburn (5-3, 3-2) 7:00 ET ESPNU
I wouldn't look for the Right Reverend and Ole Miss to get off the schnide this week. Auburn 34-17.

Miss St (3-4, 0-4) @ Kentucky (3-4, 0-3) 7:00 ET GamePlan/ESPN3
Someone is going to get their first SEC victory. I figured the line was going to be in MSU favor and it is. But, they're only 2-5 ATS. I'm going to take Kentucky and the ten points. MSU 27-24.

(13) South Carolina (6-1, 4-1) @ Tennessee (3-4, 0-4) 7:15 ET ESPN2/ESPN3
It's the first week we get a look at the new look SCAR. It may also be the week we get a look at the spiral down that will be the Gamecocks rest of the season. A ranked team only laying 3.5 points on the road against a winless in conference opponent. Vegas doesn't have a lot of faith. Neither to I. Orange pants gets his first SEC victory of the season, Tennessee 27-24


SEC Guy said...

Wow...I take a week off and smelly sweatpants takes UT. Nice to know it's so easy to pick SEC know, as long as 1-5 is easy. Whatever. Stick to the minors jizz your Sweatpants and leave the tough stuff to me

SEC Guy said...

Jizz your pants just sent me an update...he was too busy watching Michigan play an FCS team to actually have a thought on an SEC game so he just typed what NV Nole told him...And with that, again I say...your local casino thanks you for listening to his picks and giving up your $$$. Per's all in good fun...

Productive Sweatpants said...

Now had this been a real SEC column, I'd have been perfect. And with a bonus under on the game. So before you get too worked up, keep that in mind.