Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Buck Thursday

Well at least we had a couple winners this week. QBT was able to hit KFC and could store the Ramen for the week, so that's good. Let's review:

South Florida - 17
Pitt - 44
QBT pick - South Florida - 2.5
Look, I get it. I don't know the Big East at all. What's great is I write about it on this blog. Nice hire. Maybe I'm just too close. Yeah that's it. 

Texas Tech - 45
Kansas - 34
QBT Pick - Texas Tech -6.5
This rinsed the nasty Thursday taste out of my mouth a bit.

Georgia Tech - 45
NC State - 35
QBT PIck - Georgia Tech -9.5
So the day started out nicely. Although Jackets really tried to ruin it.

Clemson - 23
Virginia Tech - 3
QBT Pick - Clemson +7
Hey NV Nole, might want to pay more attention to what's happening over here at QBT. Enter Sandman? Yeah to put VT's offense to bed.

Texas - 37
Iowa State - 14
QBT Pick - Iowa State +9.5
I honestly wasn't sure what I was thinking here. I blame the homerism of ecoscapeslv.

Oregon State - 20
Arizona State - 35
QBT pick - Arizona State - 18
I think the moral here is that you can't listen to any of the GOTW picks by the other contributors. I'm talking to you Breezy!

NV Nole Lock of the Week
Hawaii - 44
Louisiana Tech - 26
The Lock Pick - Louisiana Tech -4

With a more productive week last week, let's look at this week's slate:

Morning Cup of Joe
Maryland @ Georgia Tech -14
Until the Jackets miss a cover, I'm going to ride them like my Senior Prom Date.

Afternoon Delight
Boston College @ Clemson -21
Look BC has only covered once this season and that was against UMass. Clemson as only missed covering once. And with they way they're playing, there's no reason not to ride them like GT. 

Iowa +4 @ Penn State
For some reason Penn State is favored in this game. Which is good since they haven't covered yet this season. I think Iowa has it figured out since it's first two games, while Penn State should have lost to Indiana last week.

Missouri @ Kansas State +3
Okay someone is going to have to explain this to me. KSU is undefeated. Mizzou is 2-2 and 0-2 on the road. They are both 3-1 ATS. Granted KSU is 0-5 against Mizzou over the last 5 years, but Ron Prince is gone and Mizzou is rebuilding. Well, I'm going to take advantage.

Evening Slop
Colorado @ Stanford - 29.5
When I saw this match up I knew the line couldn't be high enough. CU is bad. Not only that but Stanford is 4-0 ATS. 

TCU @ San Diego State +4
Look this isn't TCU of the past couple of years. They are 1-3-1 ATS. SDST is not only 2-0 at home but 2-0 ATS at home. If the day goes like I think it will, this game will be icing.

NV Nole Lock of the Week
Oklahoma -10 @ Texas
Okay, okay. I get it. My start hasn't been stellar. But like just about every other column this week I'm going with the Red River Rivalry. Oklahoma is just better. Texas is a bit too shaky. This week I rebound. 

QBT Season Record: 5-7
The Lock: 0-2

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