Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Buck Thursday

There's a saying that tying is like kissing your cousin. I would love to know how in the hell that phrase came to be. On second thought, no I don't. Regardless, when your first game of a parlay shits the bed, you start drinking enough to at some point not recognize your cousin.

Anyway, let's look at the week that was:
Maryland - 16
Georgia Tech - 21
QBT Pick - GT -14
Well prom is over. So is my run with the Jackets. By the way fellas thanks for screwing me late, twice!

Boston College -14
Clemson - 26
QBT Pick - Clemson -21
Two great tastes continue. Clemson covering and BC failing to. Get on board.

Iowa - 3
Penn State - 13
QBT Pick - Iowa +4
3 points. 3! That's terrible Iowa. Things in Iowa City are not good right now.

Missouri - 17
Kansas State - 24
QBT Pick - KSU +3
Still can't figure out why the wildcats were dogs in this. But, I'll take it.

Colorado - 7
Stanford - 48
QBT Pick - Stanford -29.5
Yeah Colorado is bad.

TCU - 27
SDST - 14
QBT Pick -  SDST +4
Can't cover if you don't score until after halftime.

NV Nole Lock of The Week
Oklahoma - 55
Texas - 17
The Lock Pick - Oklahoma -10
Atta boy way to get off the snide.

Enough of the past, let's begin looking forward.

Morning Donut 
Baylor +9 @ Texas AM 
A 4-1 ATS team verses a 1-4 ATS team. I again can't figure out the reasoning for this line. I get that Baylor's only loss was on the road, but that was to KSU who has been so undervalued this season. I like RGIII.

Navy @ Rutgers -4
Rutgers has a fairly stout run defense and Navy can't pass all that well. Not to mention Rutgers is undefeated ATS this season.

Afternoon Beer and Dog
Western Michigan -1.5 @ Northern Illinois 
Western is 5-1 ATS and Northern Illinois lost to KU. See below.

Colorado @ Washington -14.5 
Colorado is 2-4 ATS where as Washington is 4-1 ATS. Colorado is going on the road making it's second trip west in the as many weeks. I think Washington has been a little undervalued thus far. 

Evening Desert
Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest +7
The Hokies have been favored in every game thus far and have covered once. That cover was against an FCS team. Wake on the other had has been the dog in all but one game. And they've covered all but once against Syracuse in the dome to open the season. I'll take 4-1 vs 1-4 ATS all day.

Oklahoma -36 @ Kansas
I didn't even look at the records ATS. Kansas has the worst defense in FBS. And Oklahoma, well they're good. Last week OK State put up 70 on KU. This isn't going to be pretty.

NV Nole Lock Of The Week
South Florida -8 @ UConn
Coming off a bye week and a bad loss, The Bulls should rebound after being a victim of the Thursday Night  Road Curse.

QBT Season Record: 8-10
The Lock: 1-2

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