Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Buck Thursday

As I was laying in bed on Sunday morning with simply a brutal hangover I began an internal debate. On one side was my overworked and taxed liver. The other were these picks. I continued to debate which took a worse beating on Saturday. I surmised that since my liver didn't shut down, that my picks were indeed the worse hit of the two.

Let's take a look at the carnage:

TAMU - 55
Baylor - 28
QBT Pick: Baylor +9
I kept waiting for the AM collapse, but it just never came. Great way to start the day.

Navy - 20
Rutgers - 21
QBT Pick: Rutgers -4
So, so close in this one. Could've turned the day around. But instead I was reminded by NV Nole to never bet against the service academies.

WMU - 22
NIU - 51
QBT Pick: WMU -1.5
Derpity, derp derp derp. Stupid MAC!

Colorado - 24
Washington - 52
QBT Pick: Washington -14.5
Ah the lone shining star on the week. A bet against Colorado is a bet you can count on.

Virginia Tech - 38
Wake - 17
QBT Pick: Wake +7
Wake jumped out to an early lead and then crumbled. I thought we had something Deacons.

Oklahoma - 47
Kansas - 17
QBT Pick: Oklahoma -36
OU you should be ashamed of yourselves. Only 3 points in the third quarter? Embarrassing.

For the week 1-5. Let's move on to greener pastures, quickly:

Morning Smorgasbord 
Cincinnati +3 @ USF
Cincy has been on a tear lately. USF in a tailspin. I like Cincy's run game here.

Arkansas -16.5 @ Mississippi
Ol Miss is down two members of their secondary. Not the week to be thin in the defensive backfield.

Kansas St -11 @ Kansas
The Wildcats are streaking. I think they keep it alive another week.

Oklahoma St -7 @ Missouri
I don't think OK St is getting the credit they deserve. This thing will be a shoot out, but the Cowboys have way too much firepower.

Lunchtime Snack
Oregon -32.5 @ Colorado
Let's keep it rolling Buffalos!

Afternoon Nap
Tennessee @ Alabama -29
QBT is going to take a page out of SEC Guy's book here.

NV Nole Lock Of The Week
Louisiana-Monroe -6 @ North Texas
Since QBT already jumped on Arkansas this week, The Lock is going back to a familiar place. Seeing the wise guys jump on ULM makes me comfortable enough to head back to the ULM well.

QBT season record: 9-15 
The Lock: 1-3

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