Friday, October 14, 2011

SEC Guy blog? Check. SEC Guy win? Check.

Well, it must be a new week of games because your humble correspondent is here to pick another winner. I know other contributors to the PS site pick multiple games for their conferences and while that's certainly an admirable goal, rather than pull out my shotgun, aim wildly into the great beyond and hope (and hope and hope and pray) that one of my 983 bullets hits the target, yours truly picks a game, does the requisite detailed analysis and oh yeah, comes away a winner (you say "three and" I say "oh" we go...."three and"...."oh"......."three and"..."oh"....yep you got it). Everyone else is worried about their conference losing (or getting) teams, but here in SEC country all we care about is winning....and Chick fil-A.....and sweet tea.....and national championships.

That said, I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf (it is autumn after all and aren't the colors beautiful) so if you're more of a "touchy feely" type of bettor, you can certainly use detailed analysis like this from Breezy, regarding the BYU/Oregon State, "...I don't know why...but I don't think the Beavers have 2 in a row...." Or, if you're more like me, and interested in using Billy Beane/Moneyball style analysis to exploit an opportunity, you can capitalize on the fact that I've done all the work for you, looked at the numbers and have yet another winner locked and loaded.

Just like last week, I'm picking LSU to take care of business (as we get to listen to Gary and Verne talk longingly about Tim Tebow and wonder exactly what Gary's hair color is and when he got the plugs).

However, unlike Gary's fake hair, there is nothing make believe about LSU's defense. They give up 2.3 yards per carry and allow only 69 yards rushing per game. And while that is certainly impressive enough, the Vols average only 84.8 yards per game on the ground and managed a staggeringly bad -20 yards on 23 carries against Georgia so I ask - does anybody else feel like the LSU defense will make this game one dimensional?

Fortunately for the Vols, even if they have no running game, they average about 327 yards passing per game...oh wait, that was with Tyler Bray who is out for this game with a broken wrist. But hey, if you read the articles, the team is confident with Matt Simms. And yet I'm left to wonder - if he's so good, why wasn't he starting? And I'm also left to he Phil Simms' kid or not? Anyway, isn't saying the back-up is just as good kind of like saying any lifeguard could step into the shoes (and suit) of CJ Parker (aka Pamela) on Baywatch? It's just not happening....and yes, I only used Pamela's first name because I think we all know who I mean.

Anyway, back to the stats - LSU ran for 238 yards against Florida (a top 20 team in terms of run defense), they have a solid two qb situation (Lee is clearly the starter and comfortable and J "only a misdemeanor" Jefferson is a nice change of pace), they give up 12.5 points per game, they score 38.5 per game, and Vols coach Derek Dooley even said, "If we can't run the ball, we can't beat good football teams. That's a fact."

I would say more, but when you can't top the losing coach, you call it a day, you call it an article, and you call it a 38-7 LSU win.


B1G said...

Way to go all the way out on a limb and pick a blow out/non-competitive game for the second straight week.

Its easy to be 3 and 0 when you don't take risks.

Productive Sweatpants said...

Yeah SEC guy really likes to stretch himself.

SEC Guy said...

And yet all the people winning money don't seem to be complaining...much like Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now...smells like...........victory.

I understand why you guys would be jealous though....after seeing the Junk 10, I mean the Big 10, repeatedly lose to the SEC, there's bound to be some pent up frustration.

B1G said...

This just in. SEC guy says sun will come up tomorrow. Bet on it.

SEC Guy said...

Such pent up rage and we need to set up a session with Dr. Phil for you?

sweatpants said...

Perhaps they might play better if they wear 100% cotton sweatpants