Monday, October 17, 2011

SIDE BET: It's a Breeze

For the past 4 weeks, I've watched my Productive Sweatpants' colleagues participate in all kinds of betting at the SportsBook. They show up on Saturday morning with 4 parlay cards, a few straight-up bets...and this week, a new monster bet called a "Teaser".

I've yet to become one of these guys...but, when you're forced to watch Western Michigan @ NIU (on non-HD, Navy @ Rutgers, Florida St. @ Duke, etc., you start to wonder what betting's all about. And soon enough, Sin City pulls you in. No, not because of all the glitz and glammer of the strip...but rather the uneasiness of having nothing more to do than pound brown ale, listen to the woes of the Cowboys not covering the over by 1/2 point, and seeing uncle Drake turn into the tickle monster.

So...I found action...

As I looked around the room for an unsuspecting victim, my choices become limited. There was the sad birthday boy...the drunk uncle...the quiet and reserved ISU fan who was "pacing himself"... and 2 children with coloring books.

Then I spot NV Nole.

Knowing that he's been off his game as of late...and his judgement was impaired by booze...I decided to step into his geographic region and make some money in the SEC and ACC.

THE BET: $20 parlay ... with a split ticket option
Clemson -8 @ Maryland
Florida @ Auburn +2

It didn't look promising for the first 50 minutes of action. Maryland was all over Clemson. I mean: muffed punt returns, cake-walk pick 6's...everything. And the Florida-Auburn game looked like they were in the B1G instead of the SEC.

But it was the final 10 minutes in both games that had me doin' the Dougie...and understanding how, for a mere $20, you can become enthralled in any game you want.

The RESULT: Clemson 56 - Maryland 45 and Florida 6 @ Auburn 17

Not only was I able to win the bet, I had the rare opportunity to see a man wearing a Seminole t-shirt actually cheering on the Gators.

That in a word: Priceless.

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