Thursday, November 3, 2011

Game of the week? Try Game of the Year!

Hello Loyal Readers,

First off, I owe all of you, my loyal readers, an apology.....for many reasons. I take a week off and a freak snow storm hits the northeast (all kidding aside - I hope all those without power get relief soon!). And then the All-American marriage of Kim and Kris falls apart.......what is this world coming to? Next thing I know Breezy is going to realize that you can bet "the money line," win and be diving into Candy (his herpes infested girlfriend from the Spearmint Rhino) with a fist full of $50's that he won from a drunken NV Nole.

Seriously though, for anyone who read last week's blog.....much as Peterman thanked Elaine for holding down the CEO chair while he was in Burma....all I can say is, Lazy Sweatpants.....thanks for a job.........done.

Lastly, before moving on to the only game that matters this week, I just wanted to mention that my son turns 1 year old this week and I couldn't be more proud of the best thing I've ever done......and no, I don't have a joke here (PS, they tried to edit this part out, but I'm a proud papa).

Alright, on to the only game that matters this week - and that includes the NFL.

Statistically, both Alabama and LSU are insanely good. I won't run down all the stats, but in general, here's the splits (Alabama then LSU) - 6.9/11.5 points allowed per game, 39.4/39.3 points scored per game, 59/61 points against UF and UT......the list goes on.........and on.

So, the question becomes - if two teams are that evenly matched, how do you make a selection. Well, loyal readers, luckily for you, that's why I'm here. And here's what I know.....West Va scored 21 on LSU, and Oregon scored 27. Meanwhile Alabama has not given up more than 14 points all season. Oh yeah, and when they were tied with UT at 6-6 after two, Alabama's defense didn't give up a single first down in the second half. To steal a phrase from Dr. Seuss......they didn't give up a first down here or there or anywhere.....

As Lazy Sweatpants has pointed out multiple times, the SEC is where it's at, the SEC Guy is undefeated and if you want to continue rolling your money forward, take Nick, take Trent, take AJ and take my winner since it will help you cover whatever mistake NV Nole is pimping.

Alabama gets it done 24-10.

PS Breezy......hopefully penicillin can help you resolve that growth.

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