Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In My Defense: Big Ten Sorting Itself Out

Michigan State is now firmly in control of the Legends Division. All they need to do is win out over Indiana and Northwestern. Very doable. Should they slip Nebraska owns the tie-breaker.

The Leaders looks to be down to Penn State and Wisconsin. If Wisconsin beats Penn State in the final game of the season they go to Indy. It’s that simple.

Nebraska at Penn State
My Pick: PSU 17-14
Actual Score: Nebraska 17-14.
In my Defense: Right score, wrong school.

Rice at Northwestern
My Pick: Northwestern 45, Rice 20.
Actual Score: Northwestern 28, Rice 6.
In My Defense: I miss the non-conference picks.

Wisconsin at Minnesota
My Pick: Wisconsin 35 Minnesota 7.
Actual Score: Wisconsin 42 Minnesota 13.
In My Defense: Minnesota returns to form. So does Wisconsin.

Michigan at Illinois
My Pick: Michigan 31 Illinois 30.
Actual Score: Michigan 31 Illinois 14.
In My Defense: Ron Zook might not want to hold off on any big purchases.

Ohio State at Purdue
My Pick: OSU 21 Purdue 10.
Actual Score: Purdue 26 OSU 23.
In My Defense: Purdue might be the biggest surprise in the B1G this year. Bowl eligible?

Michigan State at Iowa.
My Pick: Iowa 24 Michigan State 23.
Actual Score: MSU 37 Iowa 21
In My Defense: State is on a mission.

For the week: 3-3, (2-3). For the year: 29-15, (24-12).

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