Friday, November 25, 2011

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: The Game!

It hurt me that I missed the preview for last week. So all I'm going to say about that is: REVENGE BITCHES!

Now onto this week's preview.

Ohio State (6-5, 3-4) @ (15) Michigan (9-2, 5-2) Saturday, 12:00 ET ABC

Oh The Game. It's Senior Day for a class of guys that have endured more crap as Michigan football players than any other. I'm just about finished with John U Bacon's "Three and Out" and holy hell what a shit show the Rich Rod years were. MGoBlog's Seth has a three part tribute to the seniors: Part I, Part II and Part III. They're great and a must read for all UM fans. For them, this game is so very important.

Why? Well a BCS game is potentially on the line, it's would be the first victory over Ohio in seven years and it would be their first 10 win season. It's a big deal. Not only that but Ohio is ripe for the taking this season. Michigan is better than them statistically in all categories. Their offense is putrid and their defense is basically a mirror of ours. And they lost to Purdue and Nebraska. Two teams Michigan throttled. I don't know man, on paper this game is a W. But what are the keys?

Michigan is a running team and Ohio can be run on a little. Borgess is finally getting a solid feel for his weapons. And I think we'll see just what his full arsenal can do in this game. I wouldn't be surprised if we had both Fitz and Denard over 100 in this game. I also think we'll see a few things we haven't seen before. Just like in the Carr days when Michigan would save all it's neat tricks for this game.

Contain Miller. Plain and simple. The Ohio offense is just bad: 108th Total O, 118th Passing O, 84th scoring. The only respectable piece is their rushing attack at 27th. If the defense can stay bottle up Herron, then the loads going to fall on Miller and although he can be electric, he doesn't scare me ala Troy Smith, mostly because he can't throw accurately. His best rushing game to date was against Indiana (105 yds on 14 carries). And his best passing day came against Purdue (8-18 for 132 yds). Neither of those lines is frightening.

Special Teams
Games like this always seem to hinge on special teams somehow. I just don't know how they will fit in tomorrow. I'd like to believe the only thing we'll have to worry about is Gibbons making extra points, but I have a feeling we'll need a couple field goals thrown in. Also, Hagerup needs to redeem himself for missing last year. Kick the ball high and far, son.

The Prediction
All the news out of Schembechler Hall is the team is focused and business-like. I can't see how the Wolverines don't come out and play with a determination and fire than they have before. This will be the game that slams the door on the last 4 years and moves Michigan, completely, in to the next era. Michigan has been outstanding at home and there is no reason why that doesn't continue. Michigan 35-17.

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