Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleepless In Seattle: PAC-12 Preview

First off, let me take a moment to apologize for leaving all my faithful readers high-n-dry last week. You came to the site looking for previews to the second greatest match up in the PAC-12 this year (Stanford-USC)...and nothing. For everyone's sake, I hope you watched that game. It was a great one.

In My Defense, I was preoccupied with one of the most epic Major League Baseball games ever played on Thursday evening. And once that hangover went away...Game 7 celebrations ensued throughout the night on Friday.

All in all...in no way am I sorry for my actions. I just hope my loyal readers can understand, forgive and forget. And to show my appreciation in advance, I give you the quick wrap-up of what was the PAC-12 for week 9...then we'll move into this week's action.

Washington State 28 @ Oregon 43
Result: Wazzu covers +37.5, over

Colorado 14 @ Arizona State 48
Result: ASU covers -32, over

California 14 @ UCLA 31
Result: UCLA covers +4, under

Oregon State 8 @ Utah 27
Result: Utah covers -5, under

Stanford 56 @ USC 48
Result: Stanford Push -8, over

Arizona 31 @ Washington 42
Result: Washington covers -4, over

To make up for my absence last week and not publicizing those PAC-12 Picks...I'll work overtime this week. Previews, spreads and lines for all the action...

USC -20 @ Colorado (Friday 9p)
USC is heating up and looking really tough right now...but they'll have to bring that fire with them to Boulder...cause the SoCal sunshine has given way to blistering temps (in LA standards). USC is dealing with a heart-breaking loss last week...and will need to rebound quickly to avoid a disasterous outcome against the 'Buffs. Good news for the Trojans, Colorado has an AWFUL defense. Pick a defensive category...rankings no better than 90th. USC is a 20-point favorite...and the Las Vegas Hilton has put a 10/1 payout on the 'Buffs to pull out the W. (Just in case you have an extra $100 to throw away.) Although the hangover, the weather, and the short week are all going against USC...USC covers 35-13.

Stanford -21 @ Oregon State (3:30p)
Dear Stanford, congratulations on a HUGE victory over the So Cal Trojans. For your accomplishments, we give you bye week #2. But you must field a team against Oregon State in a practice game. And cover 21 points. Stanford 41-10

Washington State @ California 9 (6:30p)
Both teams are a dismal 1-4 in conference play. They each have had a good win here and there...with the next week looking like a community college team. I give the edge to Cal here...just because they are playing at home. I'll even give up the 9 points for it. Look for a high-scoring affair...cause this is offense vs offense. Cal 42-31

Utah @ Arizona -3.5 (7p)
I've been the lone hopeful for the 'Cats this season. And although they couldn't get a win at Washington last week, putting up 31 against the Huskies was a great sign. And this Utah team is one that has been up and down and up and down. Well, things only go further down after they give Arizona their 3rd win of the season. 'Cats 34-24

Arizona State -8.5 @ UCLA (7:30p)
The outcome of this game is bigger than what meets the eye. If ASU gets the W, they'll take full control of the South Division...having one road game left at Wazzu...and finishing up the season with Arizona and Cal at home. All four of these games should be handled by the Sun Devils, with all eyes set on the inauguration PAC-12 Championship game. Conversely, UCLA is needing this win to keep hopes alive for a bowl bid. With this signature win...a road win at Utah next week...and a gimme against Colorado at home, their last game loss to USC should be meaningless. UCLA's desperate...and ASU has "big time" potential. ASU 42-27

Oregon -10.5 @ Washington (10:30p)
With one week before the PAC-12 game of the year, the Oregon Ducks, who were seemingly cruising in the PAC-12, has unfortunately had question marks raised over the past three weeks. But if it was going to happen, the timing couldn't have been better. James is back, healthier, and needing to get a nice game back under his belt. Thomas, who didn't look good last week (and who was pulled from the game last week) hopefully took a shot of "act right" this week...because for the Ducks to be the high-fliers we expect...he has to be jiving with the offense.
The Huskies are a team I've been high on all season. They've proven to be a good football team, who happens to be stuck in a division with the likings of Oregon and Stanford. If the competition was different, and they were fighting for a division title against ASU and USC, we'd be looking at a much more interesting race. Nevertheless, Price and Polk are looking to take on the Ducks D...and put themselves right in the mix of the North Division. I say it every week: Don't go to sleep before you get to PAC-12 late night GOTW. Ducks prevail in a thriller, with a late score to ice the game and cover. Oregon 48-37

Dear St. Louis Cardinals,
I may have lost a few years off my life during Game 6 of the 2011 World Series...but I'll take the end result any day. I love loving you. You make it feel so right. Tony, you are a blessing to the game of baseball and to this St. Louis organization. Thank you...goodbye...and you'll be sorely missed. Albert, I know we all work for the almighty paycheck. I feel you on that. If you can find it in your heart to bring back "the love of the game" and the loyalty that used to once be...I know you'll be rewarded 7 fold. Find a way to finish your career with the team that started it.

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