Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Perfection - Again: Big Ten Review

I finished the same way I started- perfect. 6 and oh baby. Even got the woeful Minnesota upset over Illinois.

Already change is afoot in the B1G. Ron Zook is done at Illinois after 7 up and down seasons. It’s a waiting game right now to see when (not if) Urban Meyer will be named the new head Buckeye. Who will Penn State find to lead them out of the darkness?

And we will have the first Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. No shortage of thanks for Jim Delaney and the corporate boys on the Fox telecast I’m sure.

And Bowls? Well that will have to wait till next week too.

Iowa at Nebraska
My Prediction: Nebraska 30 Iowa 17.
Actual Score: Nebraska 20 Iowa 7.
In My Defense: Didn’t know the Hawks were treating it like a bye week. Yuck.

Michigan State at Northwestern
My Prediction: Michigan State 31 Northwestern 30.
Actual Score: Michigan State 31 Northwestern 17.
In My Defense: Spartans were prepped for the trap. On to Indy!

Penn State at Wisconsin.
My Prediction: Wisconsin 38 Penn St. 10.
Actual Score: Wisconsin 45 Penn St. 7.
In My Defense: Pretty much nailed it.

Illinois at Minnesota
My Prediction: Minnesota 27 Illinois 25.
Actual Score: Minnesota 27 Illinois 7.
In My Defense: Two programs headed in opposite directions right now.

Ohio State at Michigan
My Prediction: Michigan 24-17.
Actual Score: Michigan 40 OSU 34.
In My Defense: Great game. Michigan should get a BCS game.

Purdue at Indiana
My Prediction: Purdue 28 Indiana 14.
Actual Score: Purdue 33 Indiana 25.
In My Defense: Credit Indiana for playing hard for the Old Oaken Bucket.

On the week: 6-0 (6-0)
For the season: 35-15 (30-12)

Legends Division
Michigan State 7-1, 10-2.
Michigan 6-2; 10-2.
Nebraska 5-3, 9-3.
Iowa 4-4, 7-5.
Northwestern 3-5, 6-6.
Minnesota 2-6, 3-9.

Leaders Division
Wisconsin 6-2, 10-2
Penn State 6-2, 9-3.
Purdue 4-4, 6-6.
Ohio State 3-5, 6-6.
Illinois 2-6, 6-6.
Indiana 0-8, 1-11.

Next Week’s Game
Michigan State vs. Wisconsin in Indianapolis

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