Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who is the Big Ten's Best?

Who is the best team in the Big Ten? I have no idea. It appears to me that no one wants to be. Penn State is by record, but their schedule finally catches up with them this week.

Nebraska? Got beat at home by Northwestern. 

Michigan? Couldn’t get Iowa on the road. 

Michigan State barely beat Minnesota at home. 

Ohio State struggled against Indiana at home.

For my money, I think Wisconsin is the best team. Two last second losses on the road are the blemishes on their record. However, in a conference without a dominant team- that might be as good as it gets.
Michigan at Iowa
My Prediction: Michigan 35 Iowa 27.
Actual Score: Iowa 24 Michigan 16.
In My Defense: Hawks improve to 6-0 at home and IF they win out would go to Indy. That’s a big if.

Northwestern at Nebraska
My Prediction: Nebraska 38 Northwestern 27.
Actual Score: Northwestern 28 Nebraska 25.
In My Defense: Probably should have seen the signs here. Nebraska has dropped a home game to an unranked team for the last 5 years. They have trouble scoring and Northwestern doesn’t.

Purdue at Wisconsin.
My Prediction: Wisconsin 41 Purdue 10.
Actual Score: Wisconsin 62 Purdue 17.
In My Defense: Badgers are back on track.

Minnesota at Michigan State.
My Prediction: MSU 28 Minnesota 10.
Actual Score: Michigan State 31 Minn 24.
In My Defense: State gets the win and the lead in the Legends division. Can they stay on top on the road?

Indiana at Ohio State.
My Prediction: OSU 35-3.
Actual Score: OSU 34 Indiana 20.
In My Defense: Ugly, but Bucks have a chance.

LSU at Alabama
My Prediction: Alabama 28 LSU 24
Actual Score: LSU 9-6 (ot)
In My Defense: Both teams played tight. Rematch in the BCS? Probably.

On the week: 3-3 (3-2)
For the season: 26-12 (22-9)

Legends Division
Michigan State 4-1, 7-2.
Iowa 3-2, 6-3.
Nebraska 3-2, 7-2.
Michigan 3-2, 7-2.
Northwestern 2-4, 4-5.
Minnesota 1-4, 2-7.

Leaders Division
Penn State 5-0, 8-1.
Wisconsin 3-2, 7-2.
Ohio State 3-2, 6-3.
Purdue 2-3, 4-5.
Illinois 2-3, 6-3.
Indiana 0-6, 1-9.

Next Week’s Game
Michigan State at Iowa
Nebraska at Penn State
Wisconsin at Minnesota
Michigan at Illinois
Ohio State at Purdue
Rice at Northwestern
Idle- Indiana

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