Thursday, December 1, 2011

Georgia on my mind?

Hey Loyal Readers,

Well, it's great to be back - after dominating the blog for so long and winning you so much money, Lazy Sweatpants had Frankie and Tony come over, handcuff me and throw me in the back of their rapist van and hide me away (if you've ever watched Law and Order SVU, you know what I'm talking about)

Fortunately, they were so smart (much like Lazy) that they gave me the keys and said "don't go nowhere, we're going to the $9.99 buffet." Amazingly, with all my wits about me and with a plan in place that included escaping I was able to get out of the truck and run to....FREEDOM (thanks William Wallace!)

Anyway, apparently between Lazy's repeated misfires on the Big East, Breezy pimping for an Oregon/LSU rematch (only to see Oregon lose at home to USC), NVNole and ecoscapeslv completely abandoning our blog party, and the amazing Pan Am being canceled, he'd had enough (seriously, Pan Am?!??! It had intrigue, sex, and airplanes...what more do you want??)

All that said, as a result, your humble correspondent suffered horrifically, but survived...which doesn't seem fair, but then again I realize that much like the SEC is THE conference, only one blogger can be the Beyonce in our Destiny's Child and let's face's me.

With that, enough about my harrowing tale of survival - let's chat LSU vs. Georgia. First off, let's completely dismiss this chatter that it doesn't matter if LSU wins because they are in the title game anyway. With the BCS, nothing is guaranteed (except that an over-matched Big East team will make it) so I have no doubt the Mad Hatter will have his team ready to play.

Given that, there's a reason that LSU is receiving every single vote for first place in every this point they are clearly the best team. And now that J "Just a misdemeanor" Jefferson is back at qb, their offense is even more dynamic. And yes, I get that UGA has run off 10 straight wins, but that only came after they lost to the two good teams they faced...Boise State and South Carolina. Unless you consider wins over Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, and taking down the Kardashians in a friendly game of flag football as taking care of business.

For my money, people are talking about UGA's defense, Crowell coming back for the Dawgs, and the game being in Atlanta, but what they are forgetting is that LSU is the better team. The Mad Hatter, Spencer Ware, J "Just a misdemeanor" Jefferson and a stifling defense will take care of business, Mathieu will come up with a big play on special teams, UGA qb Aaron Murray will throw at least one costly interception and the Tigers will take care of business in yet another hostile environment.

Many of the experts are calling this game to be close (and by default pimping UGA +14) but I just don't see it that way. When a team has superior talent, that gap in skill eventually reveals itself, which is why I see this game being relatively close until about halftime, but LSU takes a 10 point lead late in the 2nd quarter and then blows it open and rolls 38-14.

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