Saturday, December 31, 2011

PS Bowl-A-Thon 2011 Halftime Update

A dog riding monkey! That is all!

What's Your Record:
It's just a little over halfway through the bowls so we thought we would give you a little update to see how the crew over here at Productive Sweatpants are doing on our picks.

Overall, as a group we not doing half bad. Our record is 12-6. I's say that's decent. Here are the games we missed:

Idaho Potato Bowl - I will give B1G credit his score was about right on
New Orleans Bowl - I'm pretty sure a lot of people missed this one
Beef O' Brady's Bowl - This was just off. To his credit, Breezy's PPP did nail it.
New Era Pinstripe Bowl - I was right in that Rutgers was all about defense. ISU had no answer for the pressure
Little Caesars Pizza Bowl - I'm blaming this on Breezy for giving me this one an hour and thirty minutes before kickoff! Although I did say Carder would make plays, he just did it for Purdue.
Armed Forces Bowl - I think NV Nole let his personal bias get the best of him here.

Now let's look at how we done individually. This is more for SEC Guy than anything else, since he's always talking about how good...well he just talks all the damn time.

Productive Sweatpants - 4-2 (.666 win%)
B1G - 3-1 (.750 win%)
SEC Guy - 2-1 (.666 win%)
NV Nole - 3-1 (.750 win%)
Breezy - 0-1 (do I even need to give the win%?)

Pool Prognosticators Pattern:
This is always a fun section for me personally. I always hate it when someone just uses the weirdest reasons for picking winners and then proceeds to win the whole pool. Drives me crazy. Thankfully, so far, we have outdone the PPP. As of right now the PPP is 10-8.

PS Bowl-A-Thon Challenge:
We had a pretty good turnout for the Bowl Challenge for it's first year. As promised, I've included the standings below as a mid-bowl season update. As you can see it's still pretty much anybody's race. Usually people put higher confidence points on teams they know and we're just now getting into the big boy bowls.

So far congrats to Having a Bowl Movement for sitting atop the leader board half way through. And congrats for having the best picks name. Even though he's in last place in his picks, Move Like Jagermeister is second place in naming his picks. Bravo sir!

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1Having a Bowl Movement  Steve13 of 18291565
2B1G  Jason10 of 18261535
3Breezy  Brent11 of 18254576
4Evil Camp TigerClaw  Mark11 of 18252561
5Productive Sweatpants *  Erik10 of 18249497
6Morse  Hoops13 of 18224568
7IMROOSTER  Kevin14 of 18219609
8Rhodes Scholar  McCoy12 of 18214571
9SPIN! Bowl  Bryce12 of 18210586
10Dingo Bongo  Chris14 of 18199596
11Zooker  G DON8 of 18176565
12NVNole  Mike13 of 18146588
13I Punch You  Jeremy9 of 18141605
14Hide Your Kids TicketCity Bowl  booglyboo10 of 18128579
15K-Ciddy  K Ciddy11 of 18112571
16T-BO  Tracy10 of 1899558
17Prestige Worldwide  Jody F9 of 1876601
18Hophead  Michael8 of 1869594
19Moves Like Jagermeister  Jim Hudson7 of 1863569

Good luck the rest of the way and let's hope we can keep the winning momentum.

Be safe out there tonight. Happy New Year to all of you and Happy Bowling!

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