Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: 2012 Sugar Bowl

It would be awesome if they did a Denard Mayhem spot!

It's finally here. After weeks and weeks of waiting, it's game time

Michigan Wolverines (10-2, 6-2 B1G) vs Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2, 7-1 ACC) ESPN/ESPN3

I just finally got to and finished Three And Out. Holy hell that was depressing. Although it's been a while since The Game, it's been even a longer time since we as Michigan fans have had a sunny outlook about the future of the program. I'm not sure how long Dave Brandon is going to stick around, but I know that required reading for any future AD will be John U. Bacon's book.

But enough about all that, let's look at keys to this game.

Rust. That's what the big thing is for these bowl games. After taking so much time off the rhythm is usually not there. Once the rust is knocked off we will have to establish the running game. With Fitz coming on strong the last four games and Denard being Denard the Hokies will have to focus their energy here. The good thing about having that extra month is more reps for Denard throwing the ball. Denard showed steady improved over the year and Borges is a smart guy. He'll get Denard some quick easy throws early to take away the Hokies pressure. If this can happen it will open up the running game and they'll be off to the races.

Tackling. That's it. They'll need to keep the game close early while the offense gets into its flow. Shutting down the run will be important. But then keeping the receivers in front and tackling in space. Sounds about like every game plan, but I don't see the Hokies standing out in anything offensively.

Special Teams
This is usually a Hokie specialty, but they've been lackluster in the category this season. I'm sure Hagerup will be punting more than a couple times so coverage is going to be key. If they can prevent a big Hokie special teams play from happening the game should take care of itself.

The Prediction
It's a BCS game and this set of seniors have had the most difficult road to travel of any Michigan senior class. To think they won't have their team ready to go out on a high note is crazy. Clemson is a solid offensive team and their big playmaker, Watkins, has the ball in his hands, what 55% of the time? Denard Robinson is the Wolverine playmaker and he has the ball in his hands every offensive snap. I think the defense is stifling and the offense comes out explosive. Michigan makes a statement in this game and puts Alabama on notice. Michigan 38 - 17.

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