Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PS Bowl-A-Thon 2011: The Wrap Party

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

What's Your Record:
Now that the bowl season is official finished, we wanted to do a little recap on the 2011 PS Bowl-A-Thon.

All in all we had a pretty successful year. At the halfway point we were 12-6. For the back half of the bowl season we finished 10-7. Not the best of finishes, but New Year's day and the Big Ten killed us. That said 22-13 for the year is pretty good.

Let's see what we missed on the back half:

Ticketcity.com bowl - Defense is suppose to win championships. Guess it doesn't work for bowl games.
Taxslayer Bowl - Guess getting rid of Weiss woke up the Gator offense.
Rose Bowl - SEC guy was a little out of his element here.
Sugar Bowl - Oh NV Nole, I tried to tell you.
Orange Bowl - Holy hell! That is all.
BBVA Compass Bowl - This one is on SEC guy for giving me 10 minutes to throw it together.
GoDaddy.com Bowl - Breezy goes 0-3 on the year. Way to show up kid.

Alright, I know you are all dying for this, let's see who knows their bowl games:

B1G - 5-2 (.714 win %)
SEC Guy - 5-2 (.714 win %)
Productive Sweatpants - 8-4 (.667 win%)
NV Nole - 5-2 (.667 win%)
Breezy - 0-3 (Really? Poor Breezy)

Pool Prognosticators Pattern
Order was restored a bit as the PPP went 15-17-3. Yeah things took a weird turn towards the end as the PPP led to three ties. Next year we'll make sure we explain this section to NV Nole.

PS Bowl-A-Thon Challenge
The inaugural Bowl-A-Thon Challenge took place and thanks to all who participate. Congratulations to Prestige Worldwide for taking the crown. Following SEC Guy's advice and picking Bama in the final game and at 33 confidence points, he leapfrogged a couple of spots to take first place. You win the internet my friend.

As for your humble writers. Inexplicably it looks as if Breezy was the big winner. He may not be able to pick games correctly but his confidence level is what took the prize this day.

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1Prestige Worldwide  Jody F25 of 35490490
2Dingo Bongo  Chris26 of 35479479
3IMROOSTER  Kevin24 of 35459459
4Breezy  Brent21 of 35456456
5Zooker  G DON22 of 35453453
6Having a Bowl Movement  Steve22 of 35449449
7NVNole  Mike25 of 35447447
8B1G  Jason19 of 35432432
9Productive Sweatpants *  Erik21 of 35432432
10SPIN! Bowl  Bryce22 of 35415415
11Morse  Hoops20 of 35411411
12K-Ciddy  K Ciddy22 of 35410410
13Rhodes Scholar  McCoy21 of 35406406
14Hophead  Michael21 of 35397397
15Evil Camp TigerClaw  Mark20 of 35385385
16Hide Your Kids TicketCity Bowl  booglyboo18 of 35343343
17I Punch You  Jeremy17 of 35319319
18Moves Like Jagermeister  Jim Hudson17 of 35315315
19T-BO  Tracy18 of 35315315

All in all a great bowl and college football season. Thanks for bowling with us. We'll do it again next year. As always if you have any suggestions for the blog, comment away.

We'll have some spare off season postings and may even do a few basketball things. So check back from time to time.

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