Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 2012 S.O.T.S. (State Of The Sweatpants)

Well, that was fun. Wasn't it? The off-season? Months upon months of speculating the state of your favorite program. Drooling over high school recruiting tapes trying to surmise how incoming freshmen are going to impact the program and how soon. Followed by countless replays of your team's spring game in hopes that this is the year your team will hoist the crystal ball after the final whistle has blown. Ah, good times.

Thankfully, that nonsensical waste of time is finally over. College football kicks off on Thursday night. I, for one, am excited to hear that familiar cracking of the pads, yet flabbergasted wondering where 2012 has gone. The latter is why this post is a bit later than we here at the Pants prefer. None-the-less, being the first official post of the season we are going to give you a quick glance as to what you can expect this year at Productive Sweatpants.

For the six loyal readers we have accumulated over the years, you may remember that I invited some friends to contribute to the Pants last year. Questionably, most of them decided to return for another season. As a reintroduction:

Everyone's favorite ACC acolyte, NV Nole, is back to brainwash you into believing his beloved ACC will be the conference who finally pries the championship from the monopolizing arms of the SEC.

A sort of, lets say "reborn", Vegas CyClown, brings you updates on his beloved Iowa State program (Yeah I was surprised they still had a program too).

Ladies, fear not. The sweetly strung lyrics of the SEC Guy are back. I know you can't wait for that.

And last, but certainly not least, of the contributors is our good friend from the Middle, B1G returning with his unique perspective from the heartland. No one mixes politics and pigskin quite like B1G.

And of course, I continue to pilot is ship of miscreants and scallywags.

Now that we have the players reintroduced, let's talk about the things you'll be hearing from each of them. Some formats are old, some sections are new. Some people have borrowed, some fonts are blue. (sorry, I got carried away)

Returning Formats

For 2012, we return to a set of recurring posts that print on various days throughout the week. First, Tuesdays are once again the day for our Unofficial Blog Poll ballot. Surprisingly enough, we still lack the credentials to participate in the poll and for this I put the blame squarely on you. Tell your friends about us and comment on the poll, will yeah. Hey it's still training camp, we gotta get after everyone!

Quick Buck Thursday also returns this year. We made a small adjustment to the format, however, so you no longer have to bet the exact opposite of my picks. This year, I've invited the other contributors to pitch in. We are confident this will boost our collective win percentage and finally make you some money. As the name would indicate, look for that on Thursday's. Hopefully, you will still have time to scurry to the nearest book, raking in the extra pocket change needed for a proper date night at The Olive Garden.

I know you're excited about this: returning each Friday is another season of the Lazy Man's Michigan Preview. For all you Wolverine fans out there I know you couldn't be more excited. For the rest of you bums, the post is for me anyway, so to hell with ya!

And finally, to wrap the season, the PS Bowl-A-Thon will be back to give you an in-depth, if not shallow, look at each bowl game.

New Formats

This year, parting from our tradition of providing a look at each conference (mostly because I couldn't stomach another year of watching Big East football), each contributor will pick four games of personal interest and present a one or so paragraph preview of said games. In addition, there will be one shared GOTW or Game Of The Week. A cumulative tally of individual weekly results will be managed and reported on throughout the fall. This is mostly for us to bust each other's balls when we get together for March Madness but also provides SEC Guy fodder for his little jabs he likes to throw into his posts.

Look for the weekly previews to show up on Thursdays each week.

We hope to also include random posts by each of us as we react to things that happen throughout the season. Of course, if there is something you would like to see us provide a prospective on, let us know. You can email me suggestions at productivesweatpants@gmail.com. I'll run it by the guys and if it's something we like, we'll give it a shot.

So now you have an idea of the schedule, it's up to you to spread the word and enjoy the season. We're going to do our damnedest to make it entertaining, so we hope you enjoy it.

See you on Thursday!

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