Friday, September 14, 2012

A Quick Cruise Through Week 3

Hey Loyal Readers,

Well, the week got away from yours truly - with the SEC Queen Bee just a week away from adding to our Chick-Fil-A loving crew here at the mansion, your humble correspondent was knee deep in a variety of rather mundane domestic chores. But fret not dear readers...not only am I the most talented, creative, and dashingly handsome blogger today...I'm also fully capable of keeping a house in order (much like Alabama kept things in order by crushing that FCS school in Week 1. And nope, I don't think making fun of the navy blue and gold will get old this year).

Anyway, since yours truly is pressed for time let's run rapid fire through some more winners for the week.

USC/Stanford (+8) on FOX at 7:30 eastern
This one is rather simple. Matt Barkley and his receiving corps are awesome. The USC defense is stout. The team under-performed last week against Syracuse after traveling cross-country and playing in an early game. This game is in prime time on national TV and one team has a cavalcade of stars (hint hint, it's the Trojans) who are going to shine under the bright lights. USC rolls 49-21

TCU/Kansas (+21) FX at noon eastern
Kansas lost to Rice. Charlie Weis is a horrible coach. Kansas is a basketball school. Gary Patterson is a good coach. Team's make their most improvement from week 1 to week 2 (and last week was week 1 for TCU). And did I mention that Charlie Weis is involved? TCU 44-10

Alabama/Arkansas (+20) CBS at 3:30 eastern
It seems like there are two schools of thought that are dominating the airwaves about this game. Either Arkansas is going to play with "nothing to lose" and at a minimum, keep this game close. Or, after the shocking loss to the Warhawks (great name by the way) they are going to fold up the tents and call it a season. Honestly I'm not sure which it will be, but it doesn't matter because the Tide have a far superior team. McCarron is turning into a stud at QB, TJ Yeldon is a dynamic freshman running back and even when Motorcycle Petrino was on the sidelines for the Razorbacks they still couldn't hang with Saban and crew. And, that's without mentioning the uncertainty at QB for Arkansas or that Alabama's defense is once again extremely good (for evidence see: Robinson, Denard). Another week, another week of me breaking out the familiar refrain...Roll Tide 35-7

ULL/Oklahoma State (-22) at noon eastern
Well, apparently this game isn't on TV anywhere. Or at least I couldn't find it. It doesn't really matter though since OK State is still smarting from the beat down they took in the desert last week. And rest assured, Coach Gundy will want to prove that the Pokes are for real and that starts by trouncing the Raging Cajuns. I know, I know, ULL is better than people think, yada, yada, yada. It doesn't matter - OK State is not happy and if you bet against them you won't like the OK State offense when they're angry (FF to the 45 second mark). It's an early start in Stillwater but it doesn't matter, by lunchtime this thing is over and the Cowboy starters watch the 4th quarter of a 59-21 blowout.

Notre Dame/Michigan State (-6) ABC at 8:00 eastern
I'll be honest - I don't like Notre Dame (I know, I know, what a novel concept). I don't like how they think the football universe revolves around them even though they haven't been good since Lou Holtz was on the sidelines. And I really can't stand Holtz in the studio at Bristol. I haven't watched ND play at all this year but I did see Michigan State's defense take care of Boise State on opening weekend so that's enough for me. Sparty's D holds down the Irish, Bell does what he does on the ground for MSU and East Lansing parties the night away with a 23-17 victory.

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