Friday, September 7, 2012

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Air Force

I have decided to ignore last week. All memories have been scrubbed and it did not occur. Okay? Everyone good with that? Thankfully, SEC Guy's weekly column was late this week so I didn't have to read what that blow hard had to gloat about until this was already written. 

That said, let's look to the Wolverine's home opener, shall we

Air Force Falcons (1-0, 0-0 MWC) @ Michigan Wolverines (0-1, 0-0 B1G) 
Saturday, 9/8 Michigan Stadium, 3:30 pm ET ABC/ESPN2

A little Air Force 1 for ya

That guy in the picture is my younger brother. He's an Airman. My other brother is a Navy Seal. I'm in marketing. So guys, thank you for your service and for giving my friends the opportunity to bust my balls because you're both more bad ass than I am.

On that note, let's get on with the preview, shall we?

After pouring over the Offense UFR at MGoBlog, I was a little more encouraged about Denard's throwing than I was on Sunday. It seems Denard did progress over the off-season and can be a decent thrower. He's never going to be Tom Brady, but he can throw the ball. Which is good because FCS Idaho St was able to pass with some success against the Falcons last week. With starting running back, Fitz, making his return after a one week suspension, there are bound to be some open throwing lanes for Denard and it should give Borges more freaking options. We'll need sustained drives and points as our defense showed it can't be on the field too long. Oh and viva la Bubble Screen!

I just don't know man. Mattison threw every possible guy out there last week and Bama rolled over them like they weren't there. Even Kovac's struggles. That shows just how good their offensive line and running backs were. This week the talent level tilts be to Michigan's advantage. The question will be, "can the linebackers get their damn assignments right"? The triple option can be brutal and Air Force runs it almost to perfection. The Michigan faithful better be ready for the Falcons to put up some yards on Saturday. The key here is for the defense to play assignment football and to get off the field. Quickly.

Special Teams
Welcome back Mr. Hagerup. We're happy to have you back. And welcome to the college game Mr. Norfleet! Dennis Norfleet will overtake Steve Breaston's hold on the return yards record before it's all said and done. You've heard it here first!

I don't see special teams having a significant impact on this game.

The Prediction
Michigan hasn't faced Air Force since 1964. I don't really think that has any significance but felt you needed to know.

That said, Michigan get's its chance to play "Michigan Football" in this game. Given all that this senior class has been through, I know they have a lot of pride. I also know that Hoke is a quality head coach and instructed his players to put last week behind them to have them ready to play on Saturday. The line on this game is 21 and even NV Nole has instructed you to take Air Force and the points. This doesn't surprise me because he always says, "Don't bet against the service academies". I honestly don't think that is a bad bet at all. Michigan wins, but it's closer than we fans are comfortable with. Michigan 35 - 21.

What say you Michigan webiverse:

The Big House Blog sees a big Denard passing day.

BWS says there is an 82.36% chance Michigan wins.

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine always provides an objective perspective. And gives sound advice as to what to expect from the Falcons.

Holdin' The Rope says Michigan just out-athletes Air Force.

Maize and Blue Nation shares parking info and a reassuring T-shirt.

Maize N Brew says Air Force will score touchdowns and also does a nice meet the enemy exchange.

Maize and Go Blue has a thing called Staff Predictions. I just hope I don't catch anything. But they also provide a nice preview of the game.

Know your Foe is once again excellent and let's us know that no-one has been gashed by Mach 1 since they started letting it loose in 1956. This is an example of why this is required reading each week!

Just go to the WLA because they are mostly insane.

And the crown jewel of all Michigan Blogs, MGoBlog, talks of physicists and how wonderful it is to be far, far away from Alabama.

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