Friday, September 28, 2012

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Wife Day

First off, I can't believe I missed the preview last week. Of all weeks to totally blow it, why Notre Dame week? There is no excuse. So like Denard, I too want to say sorry to everybody who reads this blog, who watches Michigan football and whoever follows Michigan football, I want to say sorry and it won’t happen no more. For the 37 years I’ve been living, this is the most disappointed I've been in myself.

On with this week's preview.

The Bye (0-Life) @ Wife Day (undefeated against the bye)
Saturday, 9/29 All Freaking Day. E!/Lifetime/OWN

It's the Bye Week in Ann Arbor and that can mean only one thing for us brave Michigan fans: Wife Day.

For those of you who may not frequent MGoBlog on a regular basis (and if you don't and are a Wolverine fan, shame on you!) Wife Day was created a few years ago, by a contributor on MGoBlog. Since then it's sort of took on a life of it's own. So now it's become a time-honor tradition to have and preview Wife Day.

So for this week's Lazy Man's Michigan Preview, we will look at what to expect for Wife Day. Let's look at the keys for day.

Misdirection, expert cart maneuvering and over all speed through grocery shopping will be key to avoiding this ugly defense:

Avoid all home improvement stores. Send a zone-blitz, roll up the corners, just get some pressure on the quarterback!

Special Teams
Avoid the craft store at all costs. Ever spent more than 5 minutes in one of those places? Smart, cause this guy is threat to take it to the house every time.

The Prediction
Wife Day never loses. Ever. Doesn't happen. So snap up your chin strap and get ready to have your bell rung.

Let's see what wife day has in store for the rest of Michigan Blogdom

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SEC Guy said...

Rather than a Wife Day, the navy blue and yellow should have a "How to compete with an SEC team" Day.