Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25: Week 3

Now THAT, was a great weekend of college football! We had some rivalries. We had some new conference foes going at it. We had some great upsets. Let's take a look at how it impacted the Sweatpants Top 25.

We decided to do things a little differently this year. In previous years, we compared our poll to the Blog Poll. Well, now that we have a few ballots to choose from, what we are going to do is a comparison of our combine poll week to week and look at the differences in our individual ballots.

Here's the combine poll for week 3 and analysis after the jump:

Productive Sweatpants Top 25

Productive Sweatpants Week 3 Top 25 

Rank Team Record Change
1 Alabama 2-0 -
2 LSU 2-0 up 1
3 USC 2-0 dn 1
4 Oregon 2-0 up 1
5 Oklahoma 2-0 dn 1
6 Florida State 2-0 up 1
7 Georgia 2-0 up 3
8 Michigan State 2-0 -
9 West Virginia 2-0 up 6
10 Clemson 2-0 up 4
11 Kansas State 2-0 up 8
12 South Carolina 2-0 up 6
13 Ohio Sate 2-0 dn 2
14 Texas 2-0 dn 1
15 Virginia Tech 2-0 up 5
16 Louisville 2-0 new
17 Florida 2-0 up 7
18 Notre Dame 2-0 up 3
19 TCU 1-0 new
20 Michigan 1-1 dn 8
21 Stanford 2-0 up 3
22 UCLA 2-0 new
23 Boise State 0-1 -
24 Arizona 2-0 new
25 Tennessee 2-0 new

Before we get into the analysis, here is where all our individual ballots reside.

On with the analysis!

The Also Rans
Not only the name of one of my favorite bands (Miss you guys), but it is the section where we mention what other teams received votes this week. Early on this should be loaded and fun. Here's the list: Southern Mississippi, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma State, BYU, Wisconsin, UL-Monroe, Arkansas.

Movers and Shakers
Here we will discuss the teams that had the most movement on the week.

This week's Mover is Kansas State. Straight off their pantsing of Miami, the Wildcats made the biggest leap of the week (Obviously not taking into consideration the new comers to the poll). There is a chance they may move higher if we can decide whether or not they are for real or if Miami is really that bad. Time will tell.

This week's Shaker is Oklahoma State. Okie State edged out Wisconsin this week, but just barely. They both fell out of our poll, but since the Cowboys were ranked three spot ahead of Wiscy last week they win this week's award. I'll admit, I'm the only one who had them in my poll. And guys, I get Wisconsin and Arkansas, but Ok St lost to an Arizona team who is in now in our poll. Moral of the story, I guess: don't lose to a first-year Rich Rod team.

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
Here we'll look at the two teams at opposite ends of the agreement spectrum. Everyone agrees that the greatest thing of all time is sliced bread, no? And I personally hate the slap chop, but SEC Guy can't live without it. So there you go.

The Sliced Bread of the week is Alabama. The only unanimous vote on the poll. I have a feeling this may stay this way for a while.

This week's Slap Chop is Stanford. I have Stanford as my 13th ranked team. McCoy didn't even bother putting them in his top 25. I think this will get sorted out this week as the Cardinal take on USC.

The WTF vote of the week
Finally, each week we will look over all the ballots and point out a vote that makes me go, "WTF?". This week's WTF vote goes to McCoy for his bold move of putting Southern Mississippi at number 19. This of course follows a bye-week which came after a 29 point loss to Nebraska in week one. Congrats McCoy and What The Fuck?

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