Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25: Week 4

Everyone enjoy the weekend? Sparty? Trojan fan? No, not you? Awe, we feel for you. We honestly do.

With a couple top ten upsets this weekend there was a lot of moment on the poll this week.

Productive Sweatpants Week 4 Top 25

Rank Team Record Change
1 Alabama 3-0 -
2 LSU 3-0 -
3 Oregon 3-0 up 1
4 Oklahoma 3-0 up 1
5 Florida State 3-0 up 1
6 Georgia 3-0 up 1
7 West Virginia 3-0 up 2
8 Clemson 3-0 up 2
9 Stanford 3-0 up 12
10 Notre Dame 3-0 up 8
11 Kansas State 3-0 -
12 South Carolina 3-0 -
13 Texas 3-0 up 1
14 Ohio Sate 3-0 dn 1
15 Florida 3-0 up 2
16 Louisville 3-0 -
17 UCLA 3-0 up 5
18 Michigan 2-1 up 2
19 USC 2-1 dn 16
20 TCU 2-0 dn 1
21 Michigan State 2-1 dn 13
22 Arizona 3-0 up 2
23 Northwestern 3-0 new
24 Mississippi State 3-0 new
25 Boise State 1-1 dn 2
Analysis after the jump.

Well, whadda think?

Let's analyze shall we? Before we do, here's a link to our individual ballots. Join me in thanking Vegas Cyclown for putting in the work this week and providing his thoughts on the poll. I'm sure you'll enjoy his ballot as much as I did.

The Also Rans
We only had to say good-bye to two special teams this week. Tennessee fell by the wayside after their convincing home loss to Florida. And then, we also say bu-bye to Virginia Tech for completely embarrassing themselves (and me in the process) at Pitt this week. I mean, come on Frank, what's the deal with Pitt?

Movers and Shakers
This week's Mover is a not huge surprise. Stanford, off the home win over number two USC moves up 12 spots and firmly sits in the top ten. If you ask SEC Guy this is more USC than Stanford, but I'm sure he'll cover that in this week's column.

And on the flip side of that game, this week's Shaker goes to USC. Falling from the cat bird seat to number 19 in our poll. And if you look at SEC Guy's ballot you'll notice that he said, "FU Trojans" and booted them entirely.

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
This week's Sliced Bread is shared between Alabama and Oklahoma. Alabama was a no brainer and Oklahoma settled in unanimously at number four in all our polls.

USC is not only this week's Shaker, but this week's Slap Chop award winner. I didn't punish them as much as the SEC Guy, where I still have them in the top ten. Congrats Men of Troy!

The WTF Vote of the Week
Well, SEC Guy gave me a heads up about his boot of USC, so it didn't take me by surprise. And the Cyclown was too lazy to actually do a ballot, so I couldn't rely on him to fill this space. So for this week's WTF moment, I turned to NV Nole. Oregon State at 24? Off of a 3 point home victory against a clearly not good Wisconsin team? The B1G has pretty much established it's not good. Well good for you, Noley ol boy. And for that sir I ask you What The Fuck?

Bonus Subheader of the Week
Think we're out of our damn minds?

Have a burning desire to put Iowa at number 15?

Well, we want to hear from you. So next week, if you want to participate in the poll, email me your top 25 by Sunday night and we'll include your ballot in the combined poll and feature it on our individual ballot page. Think of all the fame and fortune you'll receive. Imagine the bragging rights. Who knows, maybe I'll be asking you WTF next week.

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