Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25: Week 5

Another week, more shake ups at the top. Losses and poor performances moved things around a bit.

Productive Sweatpants Week 5 Top 25 

Productive Sweatpants Week 5 Top 25 

Rank Team Record Change
1 Alabama 4-0 -
2 Oregon 4-0 up 1
3 LSU 4-0 dn 1
4 Florida State 4-0 up 1
5 Georgia 4-0 up 1
6 Stanford 4-0 up 3
7 Notre Dame 4-0 up 3
8 West Virginia 3-0 dn 1
9 Kansas State 4-0 up 2
10 Ohio Sate 4-0 up 4
11 Texas 4-0 up 2
12 South Carolina 4-0 -
13 Florida 4-0 up 2
14 Clemson 3-1 dn 6
15 Oklahoma 3-1 dn 11
16 Louisville 4-0 -
17 TCU 3-0 up 3
18 USC 3-1 up 1
19 Oregon St 2-0 new
20 Michigan State 3-1 up 1
21 Northwestern 4-0 up 2
22 Mississippi State 4-0 up 2
23 Arizona 3-1 dn 1
24 UCLA 3-1 dn 7
25 Boise State 2-1 -

As always, here's a link to our individual ballots. I think a special shout out goes to SEC Guy for providing this week's ballot. Even though SEC Mansion grow by one this past weekend he still found time to crank out a poll. Congrats SEC Guy and SEC Lady!!!!
The Also Rans
This week we say good-bye to my beloved Michigan Wolverines. Denard Robinson gave himself the crappiest birthday present ever which overshadowed a great performance by the Michigan defense. And with the B1G as crappy as it is, who knows if we'll see the Blue and Maize back in the Top 25 this season.

Movers and Shakers
Not a big week for Movers. This is the moment I've been dreading since the final tick went off the clock in LA on Saturday. Sigh. This week's Mover goes to Oregon State. Coming from outside the Top 25 to number 19 is a solid jump. I'm just glad NV Nole doesn't write this thing because I deserve to be thrashed. Let's hope he forgets by Thursday.

Our Shaker for this week is Oklahoma. After being man-handled at home by the Fighting Bill Snyders, the Sooners dropped 11 spots in the poll.

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
Alabama once again takes the Sliced Bread award, garnering a number one across the board. Seeing that LSU game, is anyone going to stop the Tide from rolling all the way to South Florida?

The Slap Chop also is a repeat winner. USC once again found a way to lack any consistency in our ballots. But hey the SEC Guy forgave them a bit and let them back in at 25. That second kid must be softening him a bit.

The WTF Vote of the Week
I already atoned for last week's WTF, but I feel that wasn't enough. So this week as I look at each of the ballots, I see one or two things. Like a VT vote from NV Nole and Baylor being in a ballot. But I have to give my WTF Vote of the Week to myself. So if you'll allow a bit of third person, I'll proceed with the tongue lashing. Come on man! Arizona is still in your ballot? And at 18? That's just a little bit ridiculous. I'm surprise you didn't keep Michigan in there, you homer. Get over Rich Rod already. And for being a starry-eyed pathetic ex-girlfriend, I say, "What The Fuck!".

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