Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25

As is customary here at Productive Sweatpants, we contribute an unofficial Blog Poll Ballot. And although we do not have an official ballot in the poll, we like to throw in our two cents.

The poll you see below is an aggregate of each of our polls, which, each week, we will make available here.

Also, once we get a couple weeks under our belts and have a better idea of these teams, we will compare our poll to the official Blog Poll for you to see that we are actually paying attention to College Football. But since this is following just one game, that would be dumb. As dumb as this poll is at this point in the season.

For what it's worth, we as a group were not only two ballots short (I'm talking to you SEC Guy and B1G), but a little all over the place. We did all agree that Bama was the best team in the Nation after one game.

Regardless, here's our ballot:

Productive Sweatpants Top 25

Productive Sweatpants Top 25

Rank Team Record
1 Alabama 1-0
2 USC 1-0
3 LSU 1-0
4 Oklahoma 1-0
5 Oregon 1-0
6 Oklahoma State 1-0
7 Florida State 1-0
8 Michigan State 1-0
9 Wisconsin 1-0
10 Georgia 1-0
11 Ohio State 1-0
12 Michigan 0-1
13 Texas 1-0
14 Clemson 1-0
15 West Virginia 1-0
16 Arkansas 1-0
17 Louisville 1-0
18 South Carolina 1-0
19 Kansas State 1-0
20 Virginia Tech 1-0
21 Notre Dame 1-0
22 Boise State 0-1
23 Stanford 1-0
24 Florida 1-0
25 Nebraska 1-0

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