Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Buck Friday

The Quick Buck gods giveth and the Quick Buck gods taketh away. After being the only winner in week one, NV Nole was the sole loser in week 2. McCoy makes a big leap on the back of his extreme homerism and 2008 Obama-like hope.

Let's update the standings:

McCoy - 30 Units
SEC Guy - 28 Units
Drake - 21 Units
NV Nole - 20 Units

Week 3

Drake's pick:

Colorado @ Fresno State -15.5 - 10 units
Colorado has been added to the list of terrible teams I'm betting against this season. And I couldn't be happier about it (Yes, I am still bitter about 1994!). What was once a solid and proud football program has become three score dogs to a MWC team. But I guess that will happen when you lose to the Sacramento State Hornets at home. A team that lost to New Mexico State. What the hell did you do to the Buffaloes, Dan Mullen!

Fresno isn't the Fresno it use to be, but they did hold Oregon to 42 points and are 2-0 ATS. The line has been creeping, so get on it before the big boys start laying heavy on the Bulldogs.

McCoy's pick:

BYU @ Utah +4 - 5 wieners
I refuse to call my unit a unit any longer. Its the rebellious part of me, I guess.

Utah is bad. They made some feeble attempts at a comeback last week against the other, um, team in Utah but fell short. I typically make snap judgments based upon small sample sets of information and the five minutes of the game I watched last week led me to the conclusion that Utah will not win another game this year. Except for the Colorado game, because they are really bad too. God, what an awful game that is going to be. And, its the day after Thanksgiving none the less. This used to be the heralded Colorado/Nebraska matchup. Now, its Utah and Colorado. In the snow, most likely. I feel bad for both team's fans.

Anyway, BYU wins, um, 42-21ish.

SEC Guy's Pick:

Idaho @ LSU (-42.5) - 5 units
After the Bayou Bengals big win last week over Washington, this week they get to feast on one of the worst FBS teams in the country that may, or may not, even have football in the future (sadly the Vandals were left without a seat when the latest round of realignment musical chairs wrapped up). I'm not really sure how ND/MSU is the ABC game of the week with this dandy on tap, but on the bright side at least I'll get to put my ESPN Gameplan to use this week (until it's 42-0 at halftime). Then I'll see if Moneyball is on Starz anywhere. Another Saturday night blowout down on the Bayou......55-3 Tigers.

NV Nole's Pick:
Navy @ Penn State -5.5 - 5 units
I address this game in this week's column and I'm too busy and important to pick an additional game.

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