Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick Buck Friday

As bad as our individual posts were, we did pretty good here at Quick Buck Friday. All except for our good friend Vegas CyClown. Who got mixed up in the Holy War and ended up on the wrong side of the lord. That's what you get for calling the "units" "weiners".

Updated standings:

SEC Guy - 33 Units
Drake - 31 Units
Vegas CyClown - 25 Units
NV Nole - 25 Units

Week 4
Drake's Pick

Air Force -10.5 @ UNLV - 5 units
Just a terrible UNLV team. To this point they've played three pretty bad teams. Actually, that's not fair, Northern Arizona is 2-1 and could be a good FCS team. Time will tell. Air Force on the other hand is a pretty good team. They can run the ball really well and played Michigan down to the gun in the Big House.

The only thing that has me a bit worried is that UNLV is up against it. They are desperate for a win. Those teams can sometimes be dangerous. But UNLV has been terrible about making halftime adjustments and if Air Force's offense is good at making them. It's close in the first half, but AF pulls away in the second.

SEC Guy's Pick

South Carolina (-10) hosting Missouri 3:30 CBS - 7 CyClowns
Before we get to this week's selection, let's reflect on the standings again...oh wait, never mind, the world is in order, I'm winning.

That said, Drake tried to talk me into AFA but unlike him I think Michigan sucks so the fact that an Academy stayed close to them means almost as much as when the SEC Queen Bee tells me "don't worry, you can sleep in" (as our 2 year old scream his head off)

Take South Carolina -10 against Missouri. The Gamecocks play ferocious defense, the Tigers don't, and that adds up to the "other" SC doing what they do, 28-10 (although when will the Gamecocks become the regular USC and the Lane Kiffin led Trojans be "that overrated team out west?" Personally, from now on, Kiffin's team will be known only as "that overrated team out west" - I like it and I'm sticking to it).

Vegas Cyclown's Pick

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-5) - 20 Newtons (if the SEC can buy a championship, I can too with a name like Newton)

Monday, I will reveal stats that indicate the truer picture of who is leading this little past time challenge of ours. Spoiler alert; It's not SEC Guy.

Although my motives may be misconstrued, I did not choose this game to remind our readers how bad the B1G is this year, or how much I dislike Michigan. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Notre Dame, either, but I do feel they are the better team. And, its not as close as the spread would indicate. Bettors are still a little gun shy on the Irish after the inconsistencies of year's past, but I believe the Golden Domers are back and better than, well not "ever," but certainly back. Michigan is still a team in flux and I have not swallowed the "Denard" kool-aide. The whole shoelaces thing was novel four years ago, but its time to grow up, tie your shoes and lead a team. Take Notre Dame and the five spot - 28-18

NVNole's Pick Temple @ Penn State (-7) - 10 Units
Temple lost to Maryland, that is enough for me to go with the Nittany Lions this week. Penn State finally got a win last week versus Navy and that should take some of the pressure off the players.

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