Thursday, September 20, 2012

SEC Guy Picking the Golden Domers...say it ain't so!!?!??

Hey Loyal Readers,

Well, we had a bit of a rough go around last Saturday but let me start by saying – who among us saw TCU fumbling 4 times, yes 4 times, inside the Kansas 20? Good grief – I haven’t seen that type of ineptitude since Michigan actually thought they belonged on the field with Alabama. As far as USC not being ranked in my latest 25 poll, here’s my justification (which may or may not be over-simplified, but then again, even if you don’t agree, don’t distract me from counting my crystal ball trophies)…they have two great receivers, no running game, a QB who seems to be somewhat overrated, a defense that has no depth, and an offensive line that fell apart when their starting center went out with injury.

So, to recap; they’re one dimensional (at best) on offensive, thin on defense, and oh yeah, a kicking game that literally doesn’t exist (Charlie Weis version 2.0 – aka Lane Kiffin – won’t even attempt a field goal). Given that, where would you rank them? And with that, your honor, I rest my case (although I do believe if they rolled into Ames, IA they’d look around, wonder if they were in heaven and then absolutely destroy the Cyclones)

Alright, that’s enough looking back, here at the SEC mansion we look forward and plan ahead (which reminds me, only a few short months until the Christmas-style Chick-Fil-A milkshakes)…let’s get to this week’s slate:

LSU/Auburn (-20.5) ESPN 7 PM Eastern
Normally I would be very reticent to take an SEC team on the road against a squad that bought a MNC just a few short years ago (do you think Cam got more money in college or when he signed with the Panthers? Where’s ESPN's 30 for 30 with that story?)

Anyway, outside of that magical season (and as Vegas CyClown has pointed out for us) Gene Chizik isn’t a very good coach. He was unceremoniously run out of the aforementioned metropolis of Ames, he was booed upon arriving at Auburn and outside of one season shrouded in shady payments, buying players and employing a stud defensive lineman of questionable character, his record hasn’t exactly been Saban-esque. I like the Mad Hatter, I like the LSU running game pounding on an Auburn defense, the LSU defense facing the 942nd ranked passing offense and generally speaking the fact that LSU is a more talented, better coached team. I realize emotion may carry the day at kickoff, but once the game clock passes 10 minutes in the first quarter, both teams will realize LSU is far superior, they’ll impose their will and it’ll mean another Bayou Bengal blowout, 45-14.

Eastern Michigan/Michigan State (-33) Big Ten Network 3:30 Eastern
Eastern Michigan is 0-3 and hasn’t even been close in any of their games. Michigan State isn’t happy about losing to Notre Dame. Le’Veon Bell is not happy about his performance against the Golden Domers, Maxwell is seeking redemption at QB and it all adds up to a huge win for Sparty. Look for it to be over by halftime, with MSU rolling against another inferior in-state “rival” 45-7.

Michigan/Notre Dame (-6) NBC 8:00 Eastern
I’m sure our blog moderator will have plenty of reasons to take Michigan in this game and who knows he may be right (much like he was right when he though the gold and blue actually belonged on the field with the SEC). That said, this ND squad seems different – call it the ghost of Lou Holtz (oh wait, he’s still alive?!?!? And he's apparently not very nice to interns) or the magic of Touchdown Jesus but their D is stout and with Everett Golson at the helm their offense is much more explosive under coach Brian Kelly. Bucky the Irish Guy (or whatever their stupid mascot is called) seizes the day and does some pushups, with (as much as I hate to say it, since I want both teams to lose) Notre Dame doing what they do and winning ugly 24-14.

Utah/Arizona State (-7) Pac 12 Network (is that even a real channel) Sometime late at night
As was the case the last time I took ASU, this line just jumped out at me. I realize that ASU lost on the road to Missouri (and didn’t cover by a missed extra point) but I just think that the combination of Utah winning the latest “Holy War” against BYU in crazy fashion, this game being in the desert, and the temperature nearing (or exceeding) 100 degrees means ASU will run away with this one in the second half. I see it being close in the first half, but the Utes will falter in the third, and fall apart in the fourth. ASU keeps competing with Rich-Rod’s Arizona squad for supremacy in the land of the Grand Canyon, deserts, and thousands of drug related deaths every year with an easier than it seems 38-27 victory.

GOTW: Clemson/FSU (-13) ABC 8:00 Eastern
I’m sure NV Nole will talk at great length about how the Noles are back, and this team is different, and don’t believe the last 10 years, etc. etc. And frankly, much of it will sound as hollow as your moderator trying to convince me that the Big 10 belonged on the field with the SEC (and we all saw how that turned out…Roll Tide).  But, much the same can be said of Clemson “look out for Boyd and Watkins, etc. etc.” So, who to believe?

Honestly I’m not sure, but I will say, after watching some Tiger football and some Nole blowouts (nice to see they played the local girl’s school where I grew up...and our moderator was the third string QB) I will say only this….the FSU “D” seems to be 75% of what the top tier SEC squads throw out there every week. And that is well above what Brent “I lived off the reputation of the Stoops brothers” Venables can trot out for the bright orange of Clemson.  

I see Doak Campbell rocking on Saturday  night, I see Werner recording at least 1 sack and a couple QB pressures (and don’t sleep on Jernigan), and I see Mike Stoops celebrating as his defense shuts down the vaunted Clemson offense. As NV Nole would say, Go Noles, 24-10.

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Vegas CyClown said...

FYI, Chiczk was not run out of Ames. We were not overly upset when he left, but he had another year of horrible football in him before we would have run him out of town.