Monday, September 24, 2012

The Monday Morning Dump

In the latest addition to our weekly game coverage, we attempt to explain what happened.

Let's review.

Didn't see that coming...
Auburn covering against LSU
Two of us had LSU cruising to victory over Auburn. Both of us thought they would be outmatched in talent on the field and on the sidelines. One of us a little more vehemently. Not sure what got into Chiczk’s players this week, but keeping it close against top level talent doesn’t play as well at Auburn as it does in Ames and losing three games in the month of September for the first time in school history will not sit well with the fans, boosters or athletic department. I stand by my long term view of things.

Back Door Cover in Tallahassee
Things looked grim. Then things looked great! Then Clemson scored a mostly meaningless touchdown with 2:11 to play giving them the dreaded back door cover. Not a good day to bet against Tiger underdogs, apparently.  

Did you see that crap? 
Colorado and UNLV actually winning
Well, you each got your one win this season. Congratulations, bastards. Now settle back into your world of horrible football and start winning me money again.

Weekend Winner:
Good job, NV Nole. Not only did you win the weekend with a consistent 3-2 record ATS, you also regained control over first in the standings. More on that in a bit.

Weekend Loser(s):
Using the, “Seriously, Bet Against These Guys,” strategy, both Drake and yours truly, Vegas Cyclown, earned a spot in this category with impressive 0-5 ATS records. I guess that’s what you get when you get cocky about your 70% winning percentage after week 3. Rookie.

NV Nole (10-7) 59%
Vegas Cyclown (10-9) 53%
SEC Guy (10-10) 50%
Drake’s Divination (6-12) 33%
B1G (2-11) 15%

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