Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's "Did You Know"

Did you know that the Big XII has three teams in the top ten of the most recent Coach’s poll? And seven of its ten teams in the top 25? That’s 70% of the league in the top 25. When you consider Iowa State and Texas Tech also received votes, 90% of the league is considered good enough to be in the top 25. This is exactly why I said the Big XII was, top to bottom, the best league in the country this year.

Before you get all excited and start yelling about the SEC (SEC Guy);Yes, I realize four of the top six teams are from the SEC and six teams are represented in the poll with another two on the outside with Texas Tech and ISU. I still give them the nod at having the best talent, but that number represents only 57% of their member institutions and it is a precipitous drop to the bottom from there. And I would put Kansas against Vanderbilt or Kentucky any day. 

I also realize that conference play has only just started and we do not have as seemingly strong a candidate to play Alabama for the title as even the ACC at the moment. However, you cannot argue about the quality of the league, as it stands today, in the eyes of the nation’s coaches (or whoever submits the ballot for them). 

Do you disagree?

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