Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom

So yesterday you were treated to a little nugget of goodness from our good friend, The Vegas CyClown. Through which he lauded the greatness of his precious Big XII. He pointed out for us that the most handsome conference head-to-toe is the Big XII by using the coaches poll as the sole piece of evidence for his argument.

After reading it, I must admit my interest was piqued. Firstly, I found it interesting that someone who hates early season polls to the point that he won't even submit one, went ahead and used one to make his argument. And, to add insult to injury, it was the coaches poll. The poll that comes from the group of people who probably watch less football with the purpose of ranking teams than my dogs.

Secondly, it's readily known in these parts that our good friend is a complete and unabashed homer. So immediately into the second paragraph I caught the scent of feces wafting my way. How it permeated the screen I will never know.

Finally, I always enjoy a good conference superiority discussion. Being a B1G guy that lived in Big XII country for over a decade, you learned to stay sharp and stand at the ready for these types of discussions.

So, I took it upon myself to look at a couple important factors that may help round out the discussion a bit. I wanted to look at the performances of the conferences as a whole. It's difficult to match up teams head to head and decide who is better, so I feel looking at the overall performance of a conference will give us a good gauge.
 First let's look at win percentage

Win %
Big 12 84.37%
B1G 71.73%
SEC 69.09%
ACC 65.95%
PAC 12 65.90%
BE 62.06%
WAC 61.53%
MAC 48.97%
MWC 43.24%
Sun Belt 43.24%
CUSA 28.57%

And look, it proves the CyClown's point. End of discussion right? Well let's keep going a bit. The second thing, here, I found interesting, is the worst conference in all the land (as stated by everyone and their brother) sits at number two in win percentage. Yep, that's above the vaunted SEC.

Well sure, that's because the B1G is playing all the crappiest teams in all the land. Like UMass and the directional Michigans. And to that I say, you're probably right. To confirm, I went to visit our friend Jeff Sagarin of the USA Today and see what his strength of schedule rankings had to say.

CUSA 67.75
MWC 72.9
Sun Belt 75.5
B1G 85.58
Pac 12 91.58
WAC 104.14
Big 12 106
SEC 129.41
ACC 151
MAC 183.53
BE 193.75

Wha??? Wha?? It can't be. You mean to tell me the crappiest league in all the land is sitting fourth on the list behind the sacrificial lambs of the pre-conference season? And look, there's the Big 12 sitting nicely behind the mighty WAC.

So CyClown, did the entire conference let Bill Snyder make the schedules this season? I mean I know its tough when 28% of the conference schedule thus far has been against FCS teams and an additional 46% against BCS non-automatic qualifiers (B1G was 17% and 45% respectively). With 74% of your conference's games coming against sub-par competition you better be posting an 84% win percentage.

I'm not here to advocate for the B1G as the best conference in the league. That's clearly not the case. We've all seen the games. But remember this the next time you, dear reader, want to make a statement about anything, some hard numbers may be a place to start as opposed to the opinions of guys who are watching game FILM to see what blocking schemes their next opponents are employing against odd vs even fronts as opposed to find out who should be ranked 17th in their next ballot.

See you next week.


Hanes Sweatpants Fan said...

really really big win for Big 12

Vegas CyClown said...

I am not the only one who feels the way I do...

Vegas CyClown said...

Also, according to another highly praised sports writer, Phil Steele,, the Big 12 has an average SOS of 23.1 (where 1 is the toughest) and all 10 members are in the top 50. The SEC had an avg ranking of 23.6 (all but Georgia making the list), the Pac 12 at 27.6 (Oregon and Utah out of top 50) and the B1G only had half of its 12 members represented, so I couldn't even get close on the Avg ranking.