Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Time

I apologize in advance for the lackluster performance of this post. The awaiting cold, rain and tornadoes of Iowa have pushed my deadlines of both this article and my regular day job. On the positive, I will be available* to live blog while in actual attendance of this weekend’s Iowa State/K-State matchup. The first time, but hopefully not the last, where I can say I saw two top 25 teams play inside Jack Trice Stadium in person!

*I will not be live blogging unless that means almost anything other than what I think it does.

Last Week Results
3-2 ATS
4-0 SU

YTD Results
15-13 ATS
24-5 SU

Week Seven Picks

Texas @ Oklahoma -3
This matchup has not been marquee for a few years now. Texas has been down since Garrett Gilbert nearly crapped his pants during his first minutes in the 2009 National Championship game. Oklahoma has fallen into some Stoops induced slump where they’re great when they want to be, but don’t factor into the championship conversation much longer than September any more. And now, with West Virginia’s potent offense joining the ranks, I’m not sure anyone really cares about this game, unless you happen to be at the Texas State Fair this weekend. But, it’s still the Red River Rivalry, and I am still your resident Big XII contributor, so cover it I shall.

Last week, I mistakenly told you that Oklahoma’s offense would do little against the vaunted Tech defense. Well, I was wrong. Granted, they were aided by three TTU turnovers to push this game into Over territory, but, from the scoreboard at least (I did not actually see most of the game due to Iowa State thumping TCU at the same time) Tech seemed to provide little challenge for the obviously upset Sooners. This shows you how dangerous they can be when they want to.

Texas, on the other hand, was pretty much on point with my assumption of them. Suspect defensively and okay offensively. I feel Texas hasn’t fully recovered from the Young/McCoy eras and Oklahoma has enough to hook the horns this weekend

Take Oklahoma and give the points.

Iowa @ Michigan State -10
Iowa has proven to be erratic over the past couple of years. One week, they’re losing to Minnesota at home, the next they’re beating Michigan in the Big House. Not sure why they do this, but they do and I’m going to profit from it.

Take Iowa and the points.

Stanford @ Notre Dame -7
Stanford had their time in the sun. They had Andrew Luck for four years and they beat an underperforming USC team at home. I don’t think they have another encore in them for awhile. Notre Dame, on the other hand, is legit. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Notre Dame wins and covers

TCU @ Baylor -7.5
Perhaps TCU got caught a little off guard last weekend with the late week switch at quarterback. What I saw, they still have talent. Trevone Boykin was impressive if not erratic against Iowa State and if you look at the statistics of the game it looks like TCU won. Given an extra week with the first team, and a point to prove, and I believe TCU handles Baylor’s offense and runs over their defense.

TCU wins and covers

South Carolina @ LSU -2.5
I’m not really sure why LSU is favored here, other than the fact that it’s a home game. Last week, they struggled in the swamp and blamed the heat and humidity. Yeah. This week, they’re back in the comfy confines of Death Valley where the weather is supposed to be 87 with 60% humidity. That’s a relief.
South Carolina is playing some good ball for the Ol’ Ball Coach and I still feel the Tigers are over ranked.  I see three losses on their schedule (Florida, South Carolina and Alabama) and may just funk it out against Mississippi State to add a fourth. That being said, I’ve already told you South Carolina wins this game, so you don’t need anything else from me.

And for those of you heading to Ames with me this weekend, do you have a poncho I can borrow? 

Seriously, I live in a desert.

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