Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He Said, He Said Returns!

If The Golden Boot game doesn't scream for a He Said, He Said, I'm not sure what would.
He Said, He Said returns to discuss the most little talked about game of the week. Brace yourself for the Mountain West's battle of the year: Colorado State Rams @ Wyoming Cowboys!!!!

He Said - Colorado State

Hey Loyal Readers,

It's great to be back for the first installment of He Said, He Said, although is it really a surprise that our moderator requested more SEC Guy? Yeah, I didn't think so either - after all, as my man Lightning McQueen knows, "I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand..." (and yes, with a 2 year old, I watch Cars...a lot) and it's no surprise that I'm being asked to throw down some additional southern fried knowledge this week.

That said, our moderator apparently decided to jump on the mechanical bull at Gilley's since he emailed me something about "Cowboy Up" and how Laramie, WY was his little slice of wintery heaven...and that there's no way I could defend the mighty Rams of Colorado State against a juggernaut like Wyoming. Once I got done laughing at the thought of our moderator actually attempting something like bull riding - in fact does anyone really see him doing anything more athletic then you know, walking semi-successfully? - I was more than happy to accept the challenge.

This game features two teams headed in opposite directions. Colorado State just dominated Hawaii while Wyoming is coming off back to back blowout losses to San Diego State and Boise State (so, to recap, the Cowboys can't beat "State" schools - and who is up next but Colorado State!). Additionally, CSU is coached by none other than former Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain who is slowly but surely instilling many of the lessons learned in Tuscaloosa (and who bets against the Tide? Losers, that's who!) Alternatively, Wyoming apparently just flips a coin to find someone to lead their team since their actual head coach can't help but get suspended. Then again, our moderator earned "top 3rd shift Tuesday night burger flipper" honors at Wendy's last week so maybe the folks in Wyoming are on to something.

Joking aside (well, except for our moderator's prized burger flipping award - he's proud of that, and rightfully so), look for top MWC cornerback DeAndre Elliot to pick off at least one pass, Garrett Grayson to continue his development and shred Wyoming's 108th ranked pass defense and Colorado State to come away with a road win as a nine point 'dog. Yep, that's right, you heard it here first - CSU wins the 104th edition of the Border War (the longest continuous rivalry west of the Mississippi) and brings home the highly coveted Bronze Boot as Jerry Schemmel, Reggie Rivers and Natalie Vickers bring you all the action on KTVD-20 (and probably even mention our humble moderator's early success in the cutthroat fast food industry). And, you're welcome for the additional knowledge this week.

He Said - Wyoming

First I'm going to apologize for exposing you to even more SEC Guy this week. Thankfully, we don't have much readership on the East Coast, as I'm pretty sure those fine people have had enough from a thoughtless windbag to last a while.

Second, I'm excited that we brought back He Said, He Said. I've really missed it this season.

Why WY? Well basically, they're just better. I know the record doesn't show it as the Sheep have one more win than the mighty Cowboys, but look at who those wins were against: Colorado and Hawaii. If you thought this was the game of the two worst teams in all of College Football, think about that gem of a match up. All seven losses for Wyoming have come to teams with winning records. The single win, you guessed it, was against a team with a losing record. Wyoming has faced the top four team in the MWC and have come close against Nevada and Air Force.

The numbers, too, tell me that Wyoming is better. They are better offensively in all categories and barely trail the Rams in all defensively categories. That said, the Cowboys out rank CSU in combine Fremeau Efficiency Index and S&P+ ratings. But, I wouldn't expect SEC Boy to know that because those are advance statistics and he has a hard time counting to 20 (There's always excuses but it always comes back to him missing a toe). The Rams rely on passing offense and that's where the Cowboys' defense excels. And to clear something up, the Wyoming pass defense is rated 63rd in the nation and they are 108th against the run, check it out. It's the math thing again, SEC Kid is our special child.

Bottom line: The Bronze Boot is on the line, Coach Christensen is back from his one-game suspension and you have to believe he's going to have his team fired up. Look for RB DJ May and QB Brett Smith to have huge days against the terrible, terrible Rams rushing defense. Do yourself a favor, if you're in the Laramie area, swing by and watch Cowboy Joe and the boys whoop up on the Rams and keep the Bronze Boot where it belong. Wyoming 33 - 20.

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