Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25 - Week 6

Alrighty, so it's Week six, conference play has begun for everyone. The picture is getting a little clearer. That said, our ballot this week is going to be a little jumpy. Because, due to a variety of reasons: new baby, elections and general disdain for football ranking polls, there were only two of us contributing this week. To add to the chaos, I introduced strength of schedule to my ballot, which caused things to get a little wacky.

Let's see just how interesting it is:
Productive Sweatpants Week 6 Top 25 

Productive Sweatpants Week 6 Top 25 

Rank Team Record Change
1 Alabama 5-0 -
2 Oregon 5-0 -
3 Florida State 5-0 up 1
4 West Virginia 4-0 up 4
5 Florida 4-0 up 8
6 LSU 5-0 dn 3
7 Notre Dame 5-0 -
8 Georgia 5-0 dn 3
9 Texas 4-0 up 2
10 Kansas State 4-0 dn 1
11 Ohio State 5-0 dn 1
12 Oregon State 3-0 up 7
13 South Carolina 5-0 dn 1
14 Clemson 4-1 -
15 Oklahoma 2-1 -
16 USC 3-1 up 2
17 Louisville 5-0 dn 1
18 Stanford 3-1 dn 12
19 Northwestern 5-0 up 2
20 UCLA 4-1 up 4
21 TCU 4-0 dn 4
22 LA Tech 4-0 New
23 Mississippi State 4-0 dn 1
24 Baylor  3-1 New
25 Michigan State 3-2 dn 5

Analysis? Analysis...
The Also Rans
It's no surprise that this week, that we say good-bye to the Wildcats of Arizona. With that home loss to the Beavers, the Cats didn't have enough to stick around. We also finally admitted to ourselves that, indeed, Boise St is rebuilding. When you squeak by New Mexico you're not going to stick around these parts. Adios  to you both and we'll see you next season.

Movers and Shakers
As I said in the opening, because there were only two of us and I introduced SOS to my rankings, there was quite a lot of movement. Take a look at my ballot, there are some interesting placements. I know Florida took the biggest jump, but they were on the bye week and it was because I bumped them way up. So this week's Mover goes to Oregon State, because they actually did something.

This week's Shaker, shouldn't be a surprise, as the Cardinal ran smack into a wall at Washington this week. The PAC 12 better hope that is a statement about Stanford and not the conference or Oregon can kiss it's MNC chances good-bye!

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
Alabama = Sliced Bread. Every week until they lose. But they have company this week as NV Nole and I agree that Clemson is, in fact, the 15th ranked team in the land (Yes I know they are 14 in the combined ballot. Math man, Math!).

The Slap Chop stays in the PAC 12 again this week as I rocketed the Beavers to the top ten and NV Nole, just isn't quite convinced of their mighty Beaverness just yet.

The WTF Vote of the Week
There are some serious contenders for the WTF Vote this week. Like NV Nole having a two loss Michigan State team at number 18. Or me shooting the Beavers all the way up to number 4. Or maybe it's my dropping of LSU from 3 to 13. I think I'm going to give my WTF Vote of the Week to myself, again, for Louisiana Tech at number 18! I'll defend it by saying this, at this point in the season they are undefeated and they have played a tougher schedule than Oregon, LSU, FSU, Oklahoma, TCU, Rutgers, Louisville and Mississippi St. Will it change? Absolutely. But until then, What The Fuck!

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