Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25 - Week 8

Productive Sweatpants Week 8 Top 25

Productive Sweatpants Week 8 Top 25

Rank Team Record Change
1 Alabama 6-0 -
2 Notre Dame 6-0 up 3
3 Florida 6-0 up 1
4 Oregon 6-0 dn 2
5 Ohio State 7-0 up 2
6 Kansas State 6-0 up 2
7 LSU 6-1 up 8
8 South Carolina 6-1 dn 2
9 Oregon St 5-0 up 2
10 Oklahoma 4-1 up 3
11 Florida State 6-1 dn 2
12 Georgia 5-1 dn 2
13 Texas AM 5-1 up 4
14 Clemson 5-1 up 2
15 Louisville 6-0 up 4
16 USC 5-1 up 2
17 West Virginia 5-1 dn 14
18 Texas Tech 5-1 New
19 Mississippi State 6-0 up 2
20 Cincinnati 5-0 up 5
21 Rutgers 6-0 New
22 Louisiana Tech 5-1 dn 2
23 Boise State 5-1 -
24 Michigan 4-2 New
25 TCU 5-1 New

So, the first BCS rating of the year are out, not that this ballot needed any less importance. Will that stop us from posting our opinions each week? No way!

Analysis please. As always, you can inspect our individual ballots, here.

The Also Rans

Four is apparently our magic number. For the second week in a row we say good-bye to four special teams. Iowa State, despite it's number 24 BCS ranking, falls out after a close loss in Farmageadon. Baylor is replaced by TCU, who shut them down this weekend. Stanford falls out after being screwed in South Bend. And Texas, DAMN! Good-bye friends, you'll be missed. Kind of.

Movers and Shakers
I have continued my resume ranking so, again, there is a lot of movement. Most notably, Oregon dropping from the number two spot. It's a strength of schedule thing. It'll shake out over time. Anyway our biggest mover this week is LSU. They muscled their way back into the top ten after physically beating SCAR into submission on Saturday night.

This week's shaker was a close one. I considered the Longhorns, but I think they suffered enough over the past two weeks. Instead, we hand it to their conference counterpart, West Virginia, who earned the honor of being this week's shaker by falling 14 spots after losing to an unranked Texas Tech squad. Oh, and yes, the Mountaineers are still ranked above the Red Raiders in our poll. College Football!!!!!!

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
Alert the media, Alabama is not awarded the Sliced Bread award this week. Yes, I dropped them from my number one. Florida has better wins and has played the tougher schedule thus far. There I said it. Can we move on?

Ironically the two Sliced Bread winners this week are Notre Dame and Stanford who showed up at #3 and #25 respectively on our ballots. Weird, man.

And once again the Slap Chop goes to the Beavers of Oregon State. Maybe the games are just on too late for SEC Guy to see them because we can't agree at all. I have them at #4 and he is not sold on the Beavers, ranking them at #16.

The WTF Vote of the Week
Initially I was all prepared with my self-scolding of dropping Alabama, but that is defensible (at least in my head). But then I had a look at SEC Guys treatment of Tech (23) and WVU (18). WVU's best wins to date: Baylor and Texas. Who are no longer among our elite. Tech's best win: West Virginia. I guess this is why the CyClown hates these polls so much. But it gives me the change to once again say, SEC Guy, What the Fuck?

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