Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Productive Sweatpants Top 25 - Week 9

Productive Sweatpants Week 9 Top 25

Productive Sweatpants Week 9 Top 25

Rank Team Record Change
1 Florida 7-0 up 1
2 Alabama 7-0 dn 1
3 Notre Dame 7-0 dn 1
4 Kansas State 7-0 up 2
5 Oregon St 6-0 up 4
6 Oregon 7-0 dn 2
7 Ohio State 8-0 dn 2
8 Oklahoma 5-1 up 2
9 Texas Tech 6-1 up 9
10 LSU 7-1 dn 3
11 Florida State 7-1 -
12 USC 6-1 up 4
13 Georgia 6-1 dn 1
14 Clemson 6-1 -
15 Rutgers 7-0 up 6
16 Louisville 7-0 dn 1
17 Mississippi State 7-0 up 2
18 Toledo 7-1 New
19 Louisiana Tech 6-1 up 3
20 Boise State 6-1 up 3
21 Cincinnati 5-1 dn 1
22 West Virginia 5-2 dn 5
23 Texas AM 5-2 dn 10
24 South Carolina 6-2 dn 16
25 Ohio 7-0 New

Well it's finally happened. It took nine weeks, but they rest of the crew finally said, screw this ballot business. So this week you get a single-minded ballot from yours truly. Which really made the analysis pretty damn easy.

The Also Rans

In a surprise to probably everyone, Michigan does not make my top 25. Why? Well because they don't have any big wins. Had Denard not thrown every other pass to Manti Te'o it would be a different story. Maybe after they pants Nebraska this weekend.

Also gone from the list is TCU. Sorry Big XII Iowa, maybe next year.

Movers and Shakers
The big mover this week, mostly aided by just having one ballot, is Texas Tech. They have three top 25 wins and their only loss is to OU who is now showing what the are capable of, while K State shows that it is a legit top 5 team.

This week's shaker is South Carolina. Hey, the SEC is tough man. You could really interchange 22, 23 and 24 in my opinion.

Sliced Bread and The Slap Chop
The informercial channel is off the air this week. Please enjoy the rest of your day.

The WTF Vote of the Week
I'm so excited I get to do a little self evaluation here. We could talk about Florida at number one, but other people have them there too, so it's not crazy. Maybe WVU still in the poll? I don't know. I think I'll go with Oregon at 6. They haven't really been tested yet. They're best win is,what, Arizona at home? I know they're better, but until the USC game they stay where they are. Anyway, say it with me so I'm not the crazy bum on Fremont Street talking to himself; What The Fuck!

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