Friday, October 12, 2012

The Friday Four Teamer

Respect the Pepperoni Sticks!!!!
So, yeah, we use to be Quick Buck Thursday. Then we moved days and became Quick Buck Friday. And now we  have evolved further to becaome The Friday Four Teamer. Why, you ask? I say, "why not?"

Despite the name change, we are keeping the standings in tact. Let's see how things are stacking up shall we? It looks like we have a new leader!!!!

Drake - 71
CyClown - 50
SEC Guy - 50
NV Nole - 25

Week 7 Picks
Drake's Pick
Kent St -2.5 @ Army - 29 units

Twenty nine is a weird number, I know. But if the SEC Guy sticks to his word I at least want to be tied with him if we both win. Bottom line is, I feel pretty good about this pick. Yes, I know it's the MAC, again, but Kent St is handling bad teams. And Army is not so good at football things and is 2-3 ATS. The Golden Flashes are 4-1 ATS and had a better performance against Towson than LSU (Yes I'm using that as a measurement). Give the 2.5 and enjoy the victory.

McCoy's Pick
K-State @ Iowa State -6.5 - 1 unit [ed. notice the return of units. RESPECT THE PEPPERONI STICKS]

I'm off to Iowa this week, and won't be watching a ton of college football. I will, however, be at the Iowa State/K-State matchup dubbed "Farmageddon" but the social media think tanks. So, with a ton of confidence as indicated by my wager, I will tell you this: Iowa State is at home. It is supposed to be rainy with a chance of Tornadoes in the area. A Cyclone is another name for a Tornado (not really, but work with me here). Cats are afraid of Tornadoes, and Wild Cats are terrified of them. The Cyclones chase the Wildcats back to Manhattan with their first loss of the season.

Take Iowa State and the upset

NV Nole's Pick
Idaho @ Texas State -2.5 - 10 Units

So I'm supplying NV Nole's pick due to [insert excuse here]. I'm actually taking it from his Vegas Rundown this week. Why this game instead of one of his others? Well, I too had it on my list for the Four Teamer. So, good for you NV Nole. Great minds. Like the Nole said, Idaho is not good this year. Texas State hasn't been winning so much, but they've been great ATS. Texas St gets their third win of the year.

SEC Guys Pick
Kentucky +18.5 @ Arkansas - 1 Unit
Alabama -21 @ Missouri - 50 Sabans [updated 9:57 pst]

I'm was going to try and keep SEC Guy to his word and go all in for him again this week, but I just can't. So we're going go with a measly one unit here. I will however stay within his vaunted SEC. Is this the worse game in the conference this week? Probably. Both these teams are bad. Both are bad ATS (1-5 each). But in a game with two really bad teams, this is way too many points to not scoop up. For the love of everything good and holy, don't watch this one. Just sit back, watch another game and enjoy.

SEC Guy texted me in a sleepless haze after going on back to back sleepless nights after reading this pick. He told me he may be as effective as Denard against Bama, but even he knows that pick sucks. Then he typed something undecipherable and ended with Roll Tide! So there go. Parenthood kids. Parenthood.


SEC Guy said...

Hey Drake...thanks for posting my update...and I'm all in...50 units of Roll Tide Crimson or bust...

Drake said...

Any time buddy. Any time.