Friday, October 19, 2012

The Friday Four Teamer

When we go 4-4, we pop the champagne!

I hope you paid attention to the Friday Four Teamer last week. Maybe a 4-4 record will have you paying a little closer attention this week. That said, let's update the standings.

Drake - 100 units (Gotta keep pace with the SEC Guy)
SEC Guy - 100 units (It's all or nothing week in and week out)
Vegas CyClown - 51 units (ISU is such a good home dog)
NV Nole - 35 units (Slow and steady wins the race)

Week 8
Drake's Pick
San Jose St -11 @ Texas-San Antonio - 50 Units
Don't look at the Roadrunners record and be fooled. They have are 1-1 against FBS schools. That one win: New Mexico State.  And, if you read The Divination this week, you know how I feel about the Aggies. Not to mention their sole loss was to a 1-5 (at the time) Rice team. One the flip, the Spartans are good team. and are 5-1 ATS. If San Jose doesn't win by at least two touchdowns I'll be shocked.

SEC Guys' Pick
Alabama -21 @ Tennesee - 100  bottles of beer on the wall
I don't have the energy to re-state everything in my blog, but you know how I roll, I ROLL TIDE!! Speaking of how people roll, if the over/under on the "number of games NV Nole picks for the Friday Four Teamer" is anything more than zero, I'll be shocked. And for the record, I'm taking the under (which is probably the Steve "Stone Cold" Austin lock of the week). And is it just me or did Drake's calculator die since he thinks putting up 50 this week is somehow keeping pace with me throwing down the hundo point cheddar? Then again, he is a Michigan fan so that explains it.

Vegas CyClown's Pick
Virginia Tech @ Clemson -8 - 10 heifers
Two bulls were standing at the top of a large hill staring down at a herd of breeding cattle grazing in the pasture below them. The younger bull looks to the older bull and says, "I'm going to sprint down that hill and mount the first cow I come across." The older bull looks at the younger bull with a touch of disdain, sorrow and pity and replies, "Son, wouldn't it be better to walk down the hill and mount them all?" While Drake and SEC Guy are busying themselves racing down to the herd, I will be slowly following. They will have their fun; I will inseminate the most knowledge.

I'll be honest, I don't watch ACC games, and know little about these two teams except for the fact VaTech is bad, even by conference standards, and Clemson scores points. Its a home game and under 10 points. Good enough for me in my virgin voyage to the Atlantic Coast. Take Clemson and give the eight. Oh, and take your time with the ladies, folks.

Four Teamer Bonus
Kansas @ Oklahoma -35
NV Nole got over taken by life this week, so we're bringing you a bonus pick to round out the Four Teamer. I think OU has hit their stride. After dismantling Texas last week, the only undefeated team left is K-State and the Sooners know they still have a shot at the Big XII title. This will be a vintage OU destruction win.

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