Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Dog's Night

Two decent weeks were capped with an undefeated weekend last week for your favorite blogger. This has me sitting at 56% for the year and within 3 percentage points of the leader NVNole. I should mention, however, I have the same exact number of games right as he does. Damn pushes.
Anyway, my stats are as follow:

Week 7 results:
4-1 SU
4-0-1 ATS

Season stats:
28-6 SU (82%)
19-13-2 ATS (56%)

K-State @ West Virginia -2.5
Unless something changes between the time I post this article and the time you read it, West Virginia is going into their match up with #4 and undefeated Kansas State as a 2.5 point favorite.  I do not understand this at all. Before last weekend, I would have told you (had you asked) there were two teams in the Big XII who would beat WVU: Oklahoma and K-State. Then, Texas Tech comes along and highlights what a good offense and solid defense will do to the Mountaineers’ chance at a national championship. Geno and the boys are learning what playing in the Big XII means. You do not have a chance to come up for air unless you have a bye week or Kansas on your schedule. All other matchups can easily result in a loss unless you bring everything to the table.

It’s going to take some time for the team from Morgantown to adapt and recruit some defensive talent. Until then, welcome to the Big XII elite. That old man prowling the opposite sideline is Bill Snyder. You probably have not heard too much about him cause he’s not flashy, but he puts together one hell of a solid team. Oh, and their quarterback will more than likely take the Heisman pressure off your shoulders this weekend, Mr. Smith, cause they play defense and your team doesn't.

Anyway, I’m not expecting a lot of fireworks out of West Virginia. Texas Tech probably has a better defense than K-State does, but not by far.

K-State wins.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma State - 14
The Cowboys probably had this game circled on their calendar since last November. Revenge. Unfortunately, they lost most of their talent last year while we matured ours. Iowa State has shown it can slow down high octane offenses and if we get consistent play from our Quarterbacks we generally get the win. Regardless, 14 points is way too much here.

Iowa State pulls the upset for the second year in a row. This time in Stillwater.

Auburn @ Vanderbilt  - 7
It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on Gene Chiczk and his ailing Tigers. The Chiczk Countdown is still in full effect and stands at 37 days (as of Thursday, October 18, 2012) before he is humiliated against Alabama and sent packing. His upcoming schedule is not insurmountable, however.  After this weekend’s matchup with Vanderbilt, he has Texas AM, New Mexico State, Georgia and Alabama AM all at home before facing Alabama. Hardly a gauntlet and even Dan McCarney’s North Texas squad could easily exit with a 3-3 record. My prediction for Chiczk's Tigers, however, is 2-4 and I’m pretty sure anything less than a 5-1 record with a win against Alabama and he is done. I mean, he had eight home games this year. Eight!

But, this is about their matchup with Vanderbilt. Um...

Vanderbilt wins but its closer than the spread allows.

Baylor @ Texas -11
Mac Brown is in trouble. Kind of. I wrote about his troubles last week when I told you his teams have struggled since Colt McCoy took his last snap from center in 2009. Not even the second coming of McCoy to Shipley could right the ship. However, Mac is not worried about his future in Austin, and quite honestly, he shouldn't be. Mac Brown has kept Texas in the national spotlight for 14 years and has had 3 bad seasons during that tenure (well, I’m projecting a third one this year). His bowl teams have gone 9-4 including two appearances in the National Championship game and one National Championship trophy in 2005. There are not many coaches available with better resumes than this and UT fans should be cautious what they wish for. Look what happened to Nebraska (Ohio thanks you for that one, by the way).

Baylor, on the other hand, reached the apex of their program’s history last year. RGIII was a gift from God, which shouldn’t surprise many considering they are a religious institution. Now, they must accept the fact that they are a Northwestern type program at best that can never recruit with the big boys due to their academic restrictions and readjust to mediocrity. Plus, have you ever been to Waco? Yeah, neither have I and it’s not on my bucket list. I did Google Earth it once, though, and it looked pretty flat and boring.

This could end up a lot like the Texas/West Virginia game, but Texas should be able to win this one.

Texas wins, but only by 9

South Carolina @ Florida – 3
The ol’ Ball Coach is back in the Swamp. Granted, he is licking his wounds after a close game down in the Bayou, but he’s coached in the SEC a long time and knows how to recover from a rough outing to prepare for another rough outing. He’ll have his boys ready and I believe Florida has peaked.

South Carolina wins

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