Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday's Did You Know - BCS Edition

Did you know Iowa State played a pivotal roll in both the National Championship match up between Alabama and LSU last year and the formation of the four team playoff? It's true. Their victory against #2 Oklahoma State allowed for the rematch between two SEC powers and the national outcry from fans that ensued. Nobody outside of the south and one isolated home in frigid Minnesota cared about or watched that game. I, myself, boycotted it on principle. This set the wheels in motion for a four team playoff and it was all because my team, the Iowa State Cyclones, beat a distracted squad from Stillwater.

This weekend, we have a chance to do it again. Not in the same fashion, and hopefully without another SEC championship pairing, but if we beat Oklahoma in Ames you could see another Big XII team lose their opportunity to play for the crystal ball.

How, you ask? Oklahoma has two losses on the year to the #2 and #3 ranked teams in K-State and Notre Dame respectively. Both losses were at home, but they were not terrible losses in the eyes of the computers. A victory over a two loss Oklahoma provides a boost for K-State over the other unbeatens, Oregon and Notre Dame, and gives them a slight edge to face Alabama in the championship game. A victory over an Oklahoma team that also lost to Iowa State loses its value, however, and even if K-State finishes with a perfect record, I can't see a 12-0 Notre Dame or Oregon team getting passed over in favor of the Wildcats.

But, why am I concerned about a big purple cat for? Go Clones!

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