Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Did You Know - Cyclone Style

Did you know every team Iowa State has faced so far this year has been undefeated at the time of their meeting?

Week 1 - Tulsa (0-0)
Week 2 - @ Iowa (1-0)
Week 3 - Western Illinois (2-0)
Week 4 - BYE
Week 5 - Texas Tech (3-0)
Week 6 - @ TCU (4-0)

The combined record of these teams is currently 19-7. Now consider that Iowa State accounts for 57% of those losses, and if you remove the wins and losses represented by playing the Cyclones, their combined record would be 18-3. We are 4-1 after that. I'm impressed

The trend continues this weekend and doesn't get much easier from there.

Week 7 - Kansas State (5-0)
Week 8 - @ Oklahoma State (2-2)
Week 9 - Baylor (4-1)
Week 10 - @Oklahoma (3-1)
Week 11 - @Texas (4-1)
Week 12 - Kansas (thank god) (1-4)
Week 13 - @ West Virginia (ahem, for the Big XII Championship?) (5-0)

That is a cumulative record of 24-9 still left on our schedule. This is why I made my case for the Big XII being the toughest conference top to bottom earlier this season, and I stand by that claim.

It's going to be a tough road, and if we make it through this gauntlet at .500 it'll be an impressive feat. I believe we have 3 more winnable games this season. Mix in a second upset, and we're looking at an 8-4 record. Not incredibly plausible but not overly impossible either with Coach Rhodes on the sidelines. He is god.

It's great to be a Cyclone.

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