Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Did You Know

Did you know Texas Tech had a defense?

Like, a  really good defense?

I saw the numbers leading into last weekend's match up with Iowa State, but thought they were a product of the early season schedule against cupcakes schools like Northwestern State, Texas State and New Mexico. Any defense could look good against those teams. Well, maybe not Baylor and West Virginia, but most other schools could.

I was working off the assumption the staff in Lubbock was working the same formula of the past regime; potent offense designed to hide flaws in the defensive unit. Hell, that would blend in with most present Big XII teams.

But, I was wrong. What I saw line up against my beloved Cyclones was a big, powerful defensive squad that made Steele Jantz look like a high school-er forced to play with the big boys. Don't get me wrong, Iowa State's offense is still a work in progress. To call it mediocre is probably overly generous at this point and Steele Jantz is hardly a star. But it is still mostly adequate and Texas Tech had their way with them Saturday night. If our defense wasn't as good as it is, which is not far behind the Tech statistically, this would have gotten ridiculous.

Beware the Red Raiders this year. They are going to surprise some people.

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