Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who Needs Siskel and Ebert?

Hey Loyal Readers,
As my legions of followers know, a couple weeks ago I wrote in my blog about drinks that the SEC Queen Bee (and likely women at large) considers her “go to” cocktails. And since my daughter has started putting together five hour stretches of solid sack time a night, I’ve had the chance to go back and watch a couple movies that TNT would certainly label “New Classics.” At the very least there’s been a couple that might only qualify as SEC Guy classics (I haven’t yet gotten to Dolphin Tale but anytime I can see Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and a dolphin on-screen together, I’m in. Throw in American Legend Kris “how do I go from singing with Johnny, Waylon and Willie to this” Kristofferson and at a minimum, we’re having the discussion about Dolphin Tale being the best “dolphin with a fake appendage” film of all time).

On that note, let’s get to some solid movies I’ve had the pleasure of watching lately…oh, and some thoughts on a couple games.

A classic Stephen King story set to film, this tale of wrongly imprisoned Andy Dufresne and his friend Red (“I suppose it’s cause I’m Irish") is a timeless story about friendship, prison rape, and ultimately hope. And, if nothing else, our first team, Boise State, has hope. Hope that once again they’ll crash the BCS party. Currently the Broncos are ranked higher than anyone in the Big 10 and if that holds, along with finishing in the top 16, then you guessed it, Coach Peterson is BCS bowling again. This week they face a Wyoming team that is 1-6 with their only win coming against Idaho. Meanwhile, the Bronco defense continues to play well and Southwick and the offense are rounding in to form, all of which adds up to this game being competitive for a quarter, maybe a quarter and a half. Much like Andy told Red that “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things” the Broncos keep their BCS hopes alive, covering the 16.5 point spread 35 – 7 (as an aside – if you haven’t read the actual King tale do yourself a favor and check it out…it’s phenomenal!)

#4 – Can't Buy Me Love - also The GOTW

I know what you’re thinking – “what?!?!” or “what movie is that?” I’m here to tell you that this little gem is a vastly underrated ‘80’s classic. Patrick Dempsey and that guy with orange hair who was also in Children of the Corn (and was later found co-starring with Dempsey in “Sweet Home Alabama” – yeah, that’s right, that’s the kind of knowledge Stewart Mandel and crew could only hope to have) star in the story of a loser who buys his way in to the cool crowd, going so far as to convince the entire school to do the “African Anteater ritual dance.” Of course, eventually he’s found out, ostracized (don’t worry Drake that’s really a word – you can look it up between serving burgers at the drive thru), and essentially left for dead. Fortunately for good ol’ Ronald, it’s an ‘80’s movie so he stands up for his red haired friend, regains his modesty and proves that he’s worthy of Cindy Mancini’s love (if you grew up watching USA Up All Night hosted by Gilbert Gottfried and/or Rhonda Shear you’ve seen the iconic shot of Ronald and Cindy riding off on his tractor into the sunset). Well, Oklahoma is this year’s Ronald Miller. They bought their way in to the “cool crowd” (the preseason top 10), were exposed by Kansas State and since then have done nothing but prove their worth by dominating Texas Tech, Texas, and Kansas.  Is it too much to ask for an ‘80’s style comeback for Coach Stoops to hoist the crystal ball at the end of the year? Yeah, it probably is. But, it’s not a stretch to watch the Sooners roll at home over Notre Dame, and prove they are worthy of Cindy Mancini. Boomer Sooner 27-10.

#3 – The Vince Vaughn Collection

I think we can all agree that Vince has made some questionable movie choices (Domestic Disturbance or Made anyone?) but he’s also made some genuinely funny movies. Who didn’t laugh at Jeremy Grey trying to escape a “stage 5 clinger” in Wedding Crashers? In much the same way, Wisconsin started the season off with a couple horrendously forgettable performances, but much like Vince at his Old School, Dodgeball, Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up best, the Badgers are putting it all together. And this week they face a Michigan State team that, while they play great defense is apparently unaware that you are actually allowed to throw a forward pass. And even score. The Badgers are back on track to get to the Rose Bowl (and get throttled by Oregon or USC) so Camp Randall will be rocking. By the time the students are jumping around, ‘Scony will be rolling like Trent throughout Swingers as he told the cocktail waitress to remember the guy behind the guy behind the guy, had her and her friend meet them at the Bamboo Lounge at 6:02, realized that guys like him gotta kick it old school, befriended House of Pain, made Gretzky’s head bleed and told Mikey he needed to stop batting the bunny with his giant claws and fangs (if you haven’t seen Swingers, do yourself a favor and go rent it…rent it now. And thank me later). This one is a no-brainer, Wisconsin is gelling at the right time, Michigan State’s offense is, well, offensive. Badgers cover the 6.5 point spread 24-7.

#2 – A Christmas Collection

Yep, your humble blogger is nothing if not a big fan of the various Christmas stories that come around but once a year (and why is that – well, why can’t we keep Christmas in our heart year round, just like old Ebenezer promised to?) Whether it’s Ebenezer re-awaking to the joys of Christmas, Buddy searching for his real dad in Elf, Jack Campbell realizing what he missed out in during his glimpse in The Family Man, or even Emmet Otter and his jugband trying to win the battle of the bands, I’m just a sucker for the holiday tales. At heart, each story is really about the star hitting rock bottom and questioning himself (or herself) only to bounce back and look at life with a sense of wide eyed optimism just before the credits roll. In much the same way, USC (no not “that overrated team out west”) has taken it on the chin the past couple weeks, they're at their low point. Fortunately for them, they are at home and facing a Tennessee team that is just a few games from having a new coach. USC is back on the road to redemption this week in a game that isn’t even close. The spread is 14 but the Gamecocks are in no mood for charity as they bounce back and realize they’re a very good team that had a couple bad weeks. The Gamecocks have no Christmas mercy but gain SEC redemption, rolling 56-10.

#1 – Fight Club

I don’t really know how this movie ties to any games this week, but Edward Norton and Brad Pitt look like they are having a lot of fun. And, who has more fun than the Cowboys at home? Oh yeah, nobody. Look for Gundy and crew to get it done and win by at least 17. But, just like Tyler Durden would tell you...the first rule of winning this game is not talking about winning this game.....

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