Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Little Holiday Venting

I hate the SEC. Can't stand the teams or their over-hyped conference. I admit, they have talent and have proven themselves by winning the last six national championships in football, but I really, really hate them. Especially this year. For one week we were relieved of the notion that the SEC would once again play for (and of course win because they are ever powerful) the crystal ball. For one week, Alabama fans were quieted, some. For one week the only noise coming from ESPN was focusing on why Notre Dame should be rated higher than K-State or Oregon. One week.

Then, last weekend happened, and the SEC machine was at it again.

Here's a myth worthy of a look by Adam and Jaime: "The SEC schedule is brutal so a one loss SEC team is better than a one loss team from any other conference." Really? The SEC is a conference of "have's" and "have not's." The top is, admittedly, loaded with talent with your Alabama's, LSU's, Florida's, Georgia's, South Carolina's and now your Texas A&M's. But, who else is there after that?

Then, consider that there are 14 teams in the SEC separated into two divisions, East and West, meaning the conference lacks a round robin format where everyone plays everyone. Let's look at one loss, Alabama's, schedule this season. Of their eight conference matchups, only two were against teams that were ranked in any poll at any time once conference season began. Compare that to, say, K-State who plays a round robin format in the Big XII. Of the nine conference teams they faced this season, eight of them either began conference play ranked in the top 25 or spent time in the top 25 at some point after September. Which looks more impressive to you?

Yes, I'm once again voicing my biased fueled opinion that the Big XII is a superior conference to the SEC, but take your biased anti-Big XII glasses off for a minute and review the evidence. Having five of your teams in the BCS top ten gives you the impression that your conference is beyond the best conference in the land, but when you only play three meaningful games a season, it's pretty easy to exit with two or fewer losses. You don't have that luxury in the Big XII. And, don't forget, Texas A&M was an average player in their former conference.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, on to business. I'll update this blog's records and standings next week.

Because it is the holiday, and I spent most of my time venting above, I must keep this section brief. Keeping in accordance with my last two weeks, I will only cover the teams in the championship race. This week, there are only two and it allows me to also do the final Chiczk Countdown with no extra work.

Alabama @ Auburn +33

I don't hate Gene Chiczk because he left Iowa State for Auburn, I was actually happy when he left. I hate him because he never wanted to be a Cyclone. He never embraced Ames or Iowa or Iowans. We wanted to love him and accept him as our own, but he kept us at arms length and gave us a perennial cold shoulder. He learned very quickly that to win in Ames, you had to put forth some effort. You had to work at selling our state and our small program to big time recruits. Then, when you didn't get the recruits you wanted, you had to develop the talent that you could get which was two star at best. Gene Chiczk was either unable or unwilling to do that and he thought it would be much easier in the South were football is an establishment and talent grows on trees. But there was only one coming of Cam, and even with his recruiter's best efforts, Gene either ran out of talent or his lack of ability to develop said talent became more evident. The Chiczk Countdown ends after this one. The scandal surrounding the program coupled with this season's record will give the administration plenty of just cause to fire Gene Chiczk. Good riddance and good luck.

Alabama wins and covers easily on their way to the SEC Championship game.

Notre Dame @ USC +6

I don't like having to root for Notre Dame, but I hate USC, and if Notre Dame loses, there is a scenario where Georgia and Florida could meet up for the National Championship game. How do you think I would feel about that?

Notre Dame wins and covers

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I feel much better now that I got that off my chest.

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