Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ding Dong...

Was anyone upset that Alabama lost last weekend? I know I wasn't. I, in fact, was overwhelmed with glee. And there could not have been a better team to handle the duty than Texas A&M, either. One, I don't have any friends who are Texas A&M fans so I didn't have to hear the incessant gloating that surely existed down in Aggieland. Two, just last year Texas A&M was part of the Big XII. SEC folks have claimed college football dominance was their conference's to handle, and theirs alone. SEC defense would dominate the gimmicky offenses of the Big XII. Fact is, The Aggies were built to compete in the read option world, and they put the hurtin on Alabama before they even knew what hit them and never let them recover fully. Good for you, Texas A&M. Good for you. And thank you for letting me write this without having to give the props to Missouri, because that would have killed me a little on the inside.

Aside from the mighty falling, I had a pretty good week.

Last Week's Results
4-2 SU
5-1 ATS

Season Stats
43-11 SU
32-20 ATS

I continue to cover the championship contenders. This week, we lose one, Alabama. Let's get to it.

K-State @ Baylor +13
I hope K-State gets into the national championship game against Oregon. As of right now, I don't see any way Notre Dame can jump them, so all they need to do is win out and they're in. This week should not be an issue against a Baylor team that is 1-5 in the Big XII post RGIII. The problem, however, is that they have a week off following this game and face a red hot Texas team the first Saturday in December. That has upset written all over it and K-State did this to themselves before in 1998 when they went 11-0 during the regular season and entered the Big XII Championship game with a #1 ranking only to lose to Texas A&M (not surprisingly) and failed to play in the big game.

But this is about this week. K-State is not affected by the Bears and covers the spread easily.

Stanford @ Oregon -20.5
I am reluctantly putting my support behind Oregon to meet K-State in the NC game. To do this, they must finish out the PAC-12 season and survive the championship game. No problem. The PAC-12 does not offer many challengers to this team. With the exception of Oregon State. But we'll discuss that next week.

Oregon wins, but I don't think they get the cover.

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame -24
Wouldn't everyone love to see an Alabama/Notre Dame matchup for the NC game? No? You neither? Okay, good. Notre Dame is a lot like Iowa State, albeit with a much better record and a victory over Oklahoma. Their offense is suspect to bad while their Defense keeps them in and wins a lot of games for them. They, too, have dropped off some because their defense is tired from the workload. I cannot see myself betting any spread that has Notre Dame favored by more than two touchdowns right now until proven wrong.

Notre Dame wins but doesn't cover

Alabama A&M @ Auburn N/L
I've pretty much exhausted everything I can say about Auburn and the national coverage is picking up the slack more every week. If Auburn does not destroy Alabama AM, Chiczk may not make it to the Alabama game to end his season/career. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Utah State @ Louisiana Tech +3
This is the game of the week.

Utah State wins, Louisiana Tech covers.

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