Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drake's Divination Week 12: The Walking Dead

We're not dead yet!

Army @ Rutgers
Line: Rutgers -17
Divination: Rutgers 38 - 13
Result: Rutgers 28 - 7
Quote: Sweated this one out til the end!

Colorado @ Arizona

Line: Arizona -30.5
Divination: Arizona 58 - 20
Result: Arizona 56 - 31
Quote: Come on Rich Rod, you still can't play defense?

WVU @ Oklahoma St

Line: OK St -7.5
Divination: OK St 55 - 38
Result: OK St 55 - 34
Quote: WVU making it look easy.

UCLA @ Wash St

Line: UCLA -14.5
Divination: UCLA 39 - 17
Result: UCLA 44 - 36
Quote: You are a riddle wrapped inside an enigma, UCLA.

Oregon St @ Stanford

Line: Stanford -4.5
Divination: Oregon St 20 - 17
Result: Stanford 27 - 23
Quote: The hooooooook brings you baaaaacccckkkkk!

The Divination Record
This week
SU: 4-1
ATS: 3-2

SU: 40-15
ATS: 27-26

Week 12 Divination
Last week, I finally talked my girlfriend into watching The Walking Dead. Needless to say, she got addicted instantly. So much so that we spent an entire Sunday on the couch, eyes firmly glued to the Netflix streaming of season 2. We're now two episodes away from being caught up on Season three. I'd like to publicly say: "Welcome back Merle!" So I decided to borrow from the SEC Guy and incorporated some of her quotes in this week's Divination.

What do they have to do with College Football? The only thing I can think of is this, despite Alabama's loss, be cautioned that they may not be dead yet. The guys on The Gridlock on ESPN radio here in Vegas have been talking about the conspiracy to make sure there is an SEC team in the MNC. And you know what, I kind of agree with them. The media outlets ram the SEC down our throats every year and the poll voters never punish them for narrow escapes or losses. And for the most part their non-conference schedule are embarrassing.  It's crazy town. So while everyone else is celebrating Johnny Football's big win, just be warned that, like the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, weird things happen man.

On with the show.

"She is the worst mother ever!"
Florida International (2-8, 1-5 Sun Belt) @ Florida Atlantic (3-7, 2-4)
Friday 11/16, 8:00 pm ET, ESPNU
Line: FAU -1

Why does Lori never know where Carl is? There are Walkers everywhere and she just lets him run around and do what ever he wants. She's terrible. Similarly, letting your kid go to one of these two schools is the parenting equivalent of what Lori has shone through the first two season.

That said, FAU is a solid 8-2 ATS despite only winning 3 games outright. On top of that they are 7-0 on six or less days rest. With only one point to cover this is a win for sure.

FAU 28 - 24

"This season is looking a little like Revolution but with waaaayyy better acting."
Northwestern (7-3, 3-3 B1G) @ Michigan State (5-5, 2-4 B1G)
Saturday 11/17, Noon ET, ESPN2
Line: MSU -7

Northwestern has a great performing arts department. Look at their alumni list. Anyway, odds are you'll get a good performance out of a Northwestern grad.

I also think you'll get a good performance out of their football team this weekend. They're offense is good and probably the best unit on the field on Saturday. Add in that they are 9-1 ATS on the year and Sparty is 1-7 ATS as the favorite and 0-6 ATS at home, I think 7 is too high of a number.

Michigan State: 23 - 21

"These people are stupid. Don't go look where the noise came from, freakin run!"
(25) Washington (6-4, 3-3) @ Colorado (1-9, 1-6)
Saturday 11/17, 1:30 pm ET, FX
Line: Washington 20.5

I love watching this show with her. She gets so into it and when it gets intense, she gets intense. It's really almost more entertaining than the show. Almost.

I'm not sure who the smart people were who let Dan Hawkins stay so long at Colorado, but man did he destroy that program. And it shown the past couple of seasons. I've said enough about the Buffs this season so I won't go much more into it. Washington is only 20.5. Yeah but Arizona last week. Don't care, I'm taking it!

Washington 42 - 17

"You know, Rick's the guy from Love Actually."
North Carolina State (6-4, 3-3 ACC) @ (11) Clemson (9-1, 6-1 ACC)
Saturday 11/17, 3:30 pm ET, ABC/ESPN2
Line: Clemson -15

I'll admit it I like Love Actually. And I really didn't like character in the movie. And I really love Rick. I hate that. I wish I never found that out, because now I have this internal conflict going on. Thanks baby! But at least now he knows what it feels like.

Did we forget that Clemson is really good? Yeah I know NC State beat FSU, but that just an FSU thing to do. Clemson is 7-0 ATS against conference foes this season. The Wolfpack is 0-6 on the road on short rest over the past two years. The Tigers are playing great ball right now and I just don't think 15 points is enough for the The Wolfpack.

Clemson 42 - 21

"Okay, but just one more. I need to watch something happy before bed." 
Utah State (8-2, 4-0 WAC) @ Louisiana Tech (9-1, 4-0 WAC)
Saturday 11/17, 4:00 pm ET, ESPN3
Line: Utah St -3

I've seen so many Monday morning Facebook posts blaming the show for sleepless Sunday nights. I'm thinking sandwiching a happy show between it and bed is a solid Walking Dead philosophy.

Which bring me to a solid betting philosophy I've had all season: ride the Aggies. And it's paid off, the Aggies are 9-0 ATS on the year. This is going to be tough though as LA Tech is 10-0 ATS as an underdog the past two seasons. But they're usually dogs against the BCS conference guys who don't expect them to be good. And they 0-3 ATS the past three games. Not to mention the Aggies have the final WAC conference crown in their sights (which is why this is the GOTW btw). This is going to be a good game, but I think the Aggie D holds it's own and Chuckie Keeton has a day.

Utah St 38 - 30

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