Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eye on The BCS and Gene

Excluding Conference Championship games, there are only three weeks left in the college football season. At this point, there are still four unbeaten teams vying for a spot in the National Championship Game. Next year, with the addition of the four team playoff, such a scenario would not create a big stir with each team all but guaranteed a chance to play for the title. But it is still 2012, and unless a couple teams get tripped up along the way, there will be controversy.

For the final three weeks, I will choose the games that involve the unbeatens and give you my thoughts.  I will also continue the Chiczk Countdown because I know you care.

Last Week’s Results
4-0 SU
3-1 ATS

Season Stats
39-9  SU
27-19 ATS

Texas A&M @ Alabama -13.5
This is going to be an intriguing matchup. Alabama looked mortal last weekend against LSU and Texas A&M has been consistent in their first year as part of the SEC. Their only two losses have come at the hands of SEC elites, Florida and LSU, both at home. It's tough to bet against Alabama, though. Especially when I'm starting to believe there is an SEC conspiracy to keep them in the National Championship game. If two or more of the other undefeated lose over the next three weeks, I'm calling for a Florida upset over Alabama in the SEC championship game.

Alabama wins this one, though, but not by enough to cover the spread.

K-State @ TCU +7
Does he play or doesn’t he? With Collin Klein under center, this team has looked near perfect this season. Without him, they still looked pretty good against a much improved Oklahoma State team last Saturday. My gut tells me they’ll be fine and keep the Big XII in the BCS race.

K-State continues to win big. Again, if Collin Klein does not play, all bets are off.

Oregon @ California +28
As Aaron Rodgers climbs his way to the top of NFL dominance and popularity, his Alma Mater steadily declines into a sea of irrelevance. I challenge you to name one other quarterback that has played at Cal since 2000, no cheating.

Oregon has been rolling their competition this year, probably because their competition has not been overly stout. They’re also in a precarious position this week, and possibly poised for a potential pitfall. That is to say they just played USC and have Stanford and Oregon State coming up over the next two weeks. Just need to get past this little pimple on the schedule and the stage is set for them to rise into the #2 BCS ranking and a shot at Alabama (provided it's not Florida under the scenario above.).

Pimple popped. Oregon wins and covers.

Notre Dame @ Boston College +19
Speaking of looking mortal, Notre Dame looked anything other than omnipotent with its play on Saturday. This is a matchup of biblical proportions, except for the fact Boston College stinks. Is Notre Dame showing their true colors, an overrated ex powerhouse who has yet to be challenged, or is Pitt that much improved?
I'm thinking its somewhere in between, but BC will offer no real test of faith for the Irish.

ND covers easily enough.

Georgia @ Auburn +15.5
Three more weeks, Auburn fans.  Three more weeks until you can begin your search for a new leader, if you haven’t already. This game should help you tremendously in ridding yourselves of an overpaid pus bag. I’m not sure if he will make the same remarks about your Auburn program, school, state or town as he did when he departed Ames, but for him I’m sure this job has sucked. Since Cam left campus, at least.

You probably won’t feel the same bitterness we Cyclone faithful felt, as you will likely chose to remove him. He dumped us like a unpopular girl at the school dance when the opportunity to dance with the Captain of the cheerleading squad started giving him the googly eyes. Well, you got him, and now that his warts are showing, you want nothing to do with him. One thing I know, we sure as hell aren't taking him back. After he left, the nerdy kid who went on to develop a Fortune 500 company asked us to dance and we've been happy ever since.

So, that got a little weird for a moment, but Auburn gets humiliated in this one. Not close, not entertaining, not good for Auburn.

Oregon State @ Stanford -4.5
This is the game of the week for our little writing club. I don't trust any of the Pac-12 teams. Stanford lost to Notre Dame and Washington. Oregon State lost to Washington. Washington is decent, but the supposed top teams in the Pac-12 should not lose to them yet.

I'm going to give Oregon State the advantage here. Only because I can get some points with them. I really don't like this game either way.

Take Oregon State and the points.  

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