Thursday, November 1, 2012

Respect the Boycott

Well, last week wasn't brutal, but it wasn't exactly stellar either. Both times I have given undue respect to Texas Tech, I have paid the price for it.

Last Week
4-1 SU
2-3 ATS

Season Stats
35-9 SU
24-19 ATS

Virginia Tech @ Miami +2
This is an easy one. The ACC is bad. Virginia Tech is bad, and has not won a game on the road all season. Miami is less bad and are home dogs. I like home dogs. I hate Miami, but I like home dogs and I have little confidence in Beemer Ball this year.

Take the Canes 
Clemson @ Duke +13.5
What the hell is wrong with me? I swear, I really do hate the ACC, but these games are just so damn inviting this week. Clemson comes in as less than a two touchdown favorite against a Duke team that peaked three weeks ago, are content with being bowl eligible for the first time in 500 years and are no match for one of the two decent teams on the Atlantic Coast. I'll take me some of that action.

Clemson. For the love of god, take Clemson.

Stanford @ Colorado +28
You cannot say Notre Dame’s schedule has been tough when one of its mid season opponents is now only a 28 point favorite against Colorado. Oregon had that covered before they stopped for a Gatorade break. Maybe it’s because they only beat a hapless Washington State squad by one touchdown at home. Maybe it’s because Colorado is improving. Okay, it’s probably not because Colorado is improving. I’m pretty sure the only team the Buffs could beat this year (aside from Mike Leech’s Cougars) is that other horrible team from Auburn, Alabama.

Anyway, Colorado is bad and even a slumping Stanford team should have no problem beating them easily.

Stanford covers

New Mexico State @ Auburn -22.5
The Chiczk Countdown is nearing its final bell. Only four more games to do something remarkable. One month to pull off some miracle wins and right a ship that everyone, including myself, seems to be watching with gleeful enjoyment as it sinks gloriously into the Gulf of Mexico. I actually feel a little bad for the guy. It was fun at the beginning of the season when I was but a lonely voice becrying the woes of a briefly respected coach. But now that my sentiments have been drowned by the masses in the national media, I find less pleasure in it. Sigh…

Auburn does not cover but should get the "W"

Alabama @ LSU +9.5
Much like the National Championship game last season, I am boycotting this GOTW due to overexposure.

Roll Ti-gers

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