Friday, November 9, 2012

The Friday Four Teamer

Well a .500 week in the Four Teamer was bound to happen. Damn those triple overtimes!!

SEC Guy - 800 Units
Drake - 100 Units
NV Nole - 70 Units
Vegas CyClown - 51 Units

Week 11

SEC Guy's Pick

Arkansas @ South Carolina -14
SEC Guy has been caught up in the game of life so I'm giving you a bonus pick this week. And in true SEC Guy style, I'll keep it in the SEC. No units on this game as I wouldn't do that to the guy, but rest assured the real USC (not that over-rated team out west) will take care of business at home.

Drake's Pick

Idaho @ BYU -38 - 50 Units
An easy way to get back on the horse is to find a really bad team playing a good team. Mission accomplished. I've talked about how nasty BYU's defense is and 123rd scoring offense on the road isn't going to have much of an impact here. This is BYU's final home game of the year so Seniors will be playing their hearts out. Cougs win big!

NV Nole's Pick

Miami @ UVA -1 - 70 Units
Miami is starting to believe they can represent the ACC Coastal Divison in the Championship Game. I will take Miami +1 to take care of poor Cavalier team.

Vegas Cyclown's Pick

Maryland @ Clemson -31 - 51 Turpins
I have a new found appreciation for the ACC. Not in the depth and quality of the teams that make up the conference, but the exact opposite, actually. Last week, Clemson won me a lot of money on my parlay cards. This week, I look for them to do it again, but by betting against them this time. Maryland is bad, but they have not allowed a lot of scoring and their margin of loss is close. West Virginia only scored 31 on them, and that was back before Big XII play started and West Virginia was scoring 1000 points per game. I betting 31 is too generous in this game. Clemson should win, and possibly by three touchdowns, but I like Maryland and the points this week.

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