Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vegas Rundown: ACC v. SEC Showdown

I have been hearing all season about how the Atlantic Coast Conference is terrible and does not stand on the same footing as the other major conferences. So for this week’s column we are just going to look at the ACC v. SEC games this weekend.

The first thing that should be pointed out is that the ACC actually plays regular season games against the SEC, that cannot be said for most conferences. Sure for other conferences there is a game here or there, for example the beat down in Dallas of the Big 10 to start the season, but on a continual basis, nobody plays the SEC more than the ACC. Over the past four years the ACC is 16 – 20 versus the SEC, a losing record, but a lot better than The Big 10’s 5 – 9 or the overhyped, offensive happy Big 12’s 3 – 9 record over the same time frame. In fact the ACC is 4 - 4 in bowl games against the SEC over the past four years as well. It is a funny thing that the ACC can play well against the supposedly best conference in college football, but gets very little respect nationally.

At the end of the day the ACC does have some image perceptions that need to be changed and that can be done by first, winning a few more BCS Bowl Games (the ACC has performed poorly in these high profile games) and second, get after it this week and go 4 – 0 against the mighty SEC and hope for a Notre Dame loss to throw the college football post-season into chaos. No point spreads this week, straight up winners. I am going out on a limb by picking the ACC across the board. However, if I even get three of these correct, it will be fun bragging rights.

Wake Forest v. Vanderbilt (The smart kid’s game) 
Wake has performed poorly this season and there is no rational reason to think they can beat Vanderbilt. However, maybe Vanderbilt will be overlooking Wake a little bit, they did have a huge win last week against Tennessee and are basically worrying about where their bowl game will be. I think a wiley Coach Grobe figures out a way for the Deacons to pull off a huge upset.

Clemson v. South Carolina 
This one really depends on which Gamecock team shows up, the one that embarrassed Georgia or the one that struggled against Kentucky. I think Clemson has the offense to put up points on South Carolina and will have just enough defense to pull off the win.

Georgia Tech v. Georgia 
Georgia’s defense has been hot and cold this year. If they are not on their game against the quirky Yellow Jacket offense that could lead to a lot of long drives that eat up a lot of clock. I think that is Georgia Tech’s only hope is to keep the Bulldog offense on the sidelines. Look for Georgia Tech to score at least 28 points and hang on to win a close one.

Florida State v. Florida 
I am not buying that the Noles are a 8.5 point favorite. I think the Noles can win this game, but it is going to be a dogfight. EJ Manual is going to have to have one of his best games as a Nole and the FSU defense has to shut down the Gator running game. The Gator offensive line is finally back to being healthy and QB Jeff Driskel is expected to be back as well. I like the Noles in a close one that may come down to the last drive of the game.

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