Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vegas Rundown - Week 10

This weekend’s slate of games is what it is all about in college football. I think most college football fans want to see the high powered offense of Oregon matched up against the dominating defense of Alabama in the National Championship Game. If both squads can take care of business this weekend we will take a big step in the direction of seeing this game. Notre Dame and Kansas State are both solid football teams that could spoil the party, but I think that I am siding with most of the bowl projections out there at this time, neither can do enough in the BCS to overtake Oregon, once the Ducks begin clicking off wins against ranked opponents over the next five weeks. Things are going to get interesting, but until we get a few more of these important games played there is no reason to really begin the argument about who should play in the final game.

Anyway, here are the picks for the week.

Clemson v. Duke (Clemson -12.5, O/U 65) 
Duke’s nice little season is over. Clemson will roll in this game and should easily cover the points. I am not sure why this is such a low number. Like I said last week, Clemson is very similar in talent to FSU and the Noles were favored by 27 over Duke and covered the number. The only difference is this will be a home game for Duke, but I am not sure playing in a high school stadium can be called a home field advantage.

The Pick: Clemson -12.5

Oregon v. Southern California (OR -8, O/U 70) 
USC was beaten by a team last week that Oregon crushed 49-0. I know matchups are sometimes an issue when comparing teams, but this type of disparity is too much to ignore. The Oregon Duck bandwagon is just now getting rolling and will really gain steam this weekend after what most are anticipating as an important game, I think the Ducks make this look easy and expose USC and Lane Kiffin for what they are, below average.

The Pick: Oregon -8

Kansas State v. Oklahoma State (KSU -9.5, O/U 66) 
The Wildcats have heard the press all week and watched Notre Dame dismantle Oklahoma last week. They know that to have any possible chance at playing for the National Championship they need to win big every week. Will this pressure get to them or inspire them? I think it is the latter and the Wildcats pounce on the Cowboys for a big win this week to keep pace with Oregon and the Irish.

The Pick: Kansas State -9.5

Missouri v. Florida (UF -17, O/U 42) 
Lately I have been trying to take an underdog each week and this week I am taking the Tigers. Look for UF to have a little bit of a hangover from last week’s Cocktail Party and in the words of the Sunshine Scooter “this one will be closer than the experts think.” Because of being in the friendly confines of the Swamp the Gators will probably win this one, but 17 points may be a little too much.

The Pick: Mizzou +17

Alabama v. LSU (Alabama -9, O/U 41) 
Is there anything else that can possibly be said about this matchup that has not already been mentioned? I don’t really think so. In my opinion Alabama is in a different class than the rest of college football and should cover the 9 points. It may be a close game in the first half, but look for the Tide to roll in the second half.

The Pick: Tide -9

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